GR169 develops a 170km city path around Lyon

Number 69 was obtained in Southern France and 169 is perfect for designating a new long-distance hiking trail (GR) created on the Rhone: GR 169 – Metropol de Lyon Parle Fort. It detours more than 170km from the capital of Gallia, passes through about 30 municipalities from west to east, from Irigny to Feyzin, and connects 12 fortresses built by the city in the 19th century with a second ring. Announced and supported by the big cities of Lyon during the Hiker Fair in Lyon at the end of March. 70 volunteers from the French Hiking Federation (FF Randonnée) need to be marked from April to May. June 26th.

Roads accessible by public transport

“This project will begin in 2020,” explains FFRandonnée du Rhône and Gérard Lefebvre, president of the Trail and Routes Commission in the metropolitan areas of Lyon. Like the recent Bordeaux and Nantes, the idea is heritage and biodiversity. It was to pave the way for the discovery of a highly sexually rich urban area. Especially since the area around Lyon, we move very quickly from the urban environment to nature, which does not seem to be so close to the city. To do.”

Another powerful element of the Lyon project is accessibility by public transport to which the FFR project pilots belong. Therefore, GR 169, which crosses about 15 municipalities out of 50 big cities, passes through 15 SNCF stations and about 60 bus stops. “Hikers living in the Hypercenter can take a bus to the daytime loop, for example, says Gérard Lefebvre. During captivity, many Lyones have become accustomed to walking nearby.”

A walk after the blockade

Department representatives say they do not have accurate local data on trail usage. He, like many, pointed to an increase in practice since the first imprisonment, for example, certain deterioration due to overcrowding.And he recalls a very recent study at the national level. (1) 56% of French people, or 27 million people aged 18-80, walk ahead of other natural sports (such as cycling / mountain biking 34%, swimming 30% or running 20%) compared to 37%. The number of pedestrians in the previous Sportlab survey in 2014 showed that they were practicing.

“New practitioners don’t necessarily have to join the club, but they learn for themselves and leave using the app,” said Anne Deny of FFR. Or, Gérard Lefebvre adds: And the new GR, built from the existing public road supply and with few steep passages in Mondulyone, meets this demand well.

This request also responded very quickly to the interests of newly elected agglomeration environmentalists. “The GR169 is fully compliant with the new and responsible tourism development program, Hélène Braumin, Vice President of Europe and Tourism, believes. Helps diversify offers in demanding nature sports, Lyon. Tourists can be encouraged to stay longer (thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions in their stay, editor’s note). And it also brings local tourist offers for Grands Lyonnais.

Topo guide at the end of June

If there are already tourist facility offers near the new GR, “the latter can facilitate the emergence of new offers related to the practice of natural sports, especially such atypical accommodations and campgrounds. Occurred at the time of creation. Via Rhôna or Via Bleue Bike Path (from Belgium, editor’s note) “guarantees Hélène Braumin.

Published by FFRandonnée at the beginning of June, the Topo Guide, funded by Metropolis, details the GR169 and the 20 loops of the day, with reference to nearby equipment at 50% of the cost. Because, Gérard Lefebvre says, “I want to plan a hike for about 10 days for a total of 170km.” According to FF Randonnée representatives, this trail also has access to trails and, with the exception of some stairs, mountain biking … The GR 169 provides new space for hikers and other outdoor sportsmen. To do.


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A survey published by FFR at the end of March and conducted by the federation’s L’union sports etcycle in December 2021 on 2,000 French people over the age of 18. Back to text