Groups condemning the inaction of public authorities and sports bodies

“There is a clear lack of will to act.” While French football’s championship resumes its rights in Ligue 2 on Saturday, the Rouge Direct group, which fights against homophobia in sport, has taken a public stand in the face of increasing homophobic demonstrations. Protest against the inaction of institutions and football authorities.

“Rouge Direct spokesperson Pontes worries that last season was a dark year in the fight against homophobia. We have produced five reports, including chants of hate, or facts about FC Morteau and FC Muran at the amateur level.

according to@_LICRA_these facts#homophobia It can be considered as “incitement to hatred and a call to murder”. @Jacques Cardoze Are you going to file a complaint against these “troublemakers”?@DILCRAH@OM_Official@RoxaMaracineanu@TETUmag@Blue Provence@stop_homophobia
– Rouge Direct (@RougeDirect) October 26, 2021

Therefore, the new request to the Ministry of Sports is to “send a circular to the Governor to remind them of the regulatory framework that allows signs of homophobia during football matches and that they must be reported to prosecutors as soon as possible.” I know that.”

Report closed without follow up

This was also the case after the Reims-Valenciennes match in April 2019. At the time, the leader, known as a capo in supporter lingo, uttered homophobic insults chanted in chorus by some Ultras. [Valenciennes], your bundle of cigarettes! “. The sequence was immortalized by a video posted online by Rouge Direct, and RC Lens was fined his €50,000 and suspended matches without spectators imposed by the Football League’s Disciplinary Commission. imposed.

Subsequently, the department of Pas-de-Calais brought it to court. “These facts are likely to constitute a crime, so on the basis of these factors, the governor of Pas-de-Calais has arrested the prosecutor of Bethune under article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,” the department said. warned. press release.

So, three years later, Rouge Direct decided to take an interest in the fate of this report. And to their surprise, lawyers for Rouge Direct learned that the report had not been sent to court.contacted in order 20 minutesthe department of Pas-de-Calais finally found the memory and traces of this report.

death threats on social media

Despite the video recording, Bethune’s prosecutor today admits that “criminal proceedings were the subject of the decision to close the case,” so it’s a waste of time. “We recognize that this case has not been taken seriously,” protested Julian Pontes, who at the time sought to meet with representatives of the supporters with the help of RC Lens leaders.

“I wanted them to understand that homophobia has no place in football or anywhere else,” he says. In vain, Ultras declined the invitation at the last minute. “It’s very complicated to resolve these kinds of cases through talks. Each time, supporters slam the door in our faces,” he complains.

Especially since the Lensois episode experienced a pretty nauseating rebound.

“Three or four ongoing criminal cases.”

Julian Pontes said: “I am very concerned that the stands remain a homophobic release point without the interest of the football authorities. “There are three or four criminal proceedings underway regarding homophobic singing in stadiums,” emphasizes Me Etienne Deshoulières, a lawyer who specializes in the matter.

In particular, the episode that shocked former Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu during the match between PSG and Marseille in March 2019. So far, we have been fired because the judiciary does not recognize the right of the LGBT association to order the football league to take up the issue. But if you want to change the situation, you need to give these associations the power to add your two cents. »