Grow first

Ayoub Saadaoui

Two days after its historic success against Slovenia, Bruce was second to none against Brazil (2-3), the world’s premier country to perform for the first time in France.

It was a gala poster and kept its promise. The French futsal team performed brilliantly on Wednesday night in front of a 2,279 spectator and lost slightly to Brazil (2-3). Rafael Reynaud’s Bruce expressed their excitement for this unprecedented confrontation with the world’s first country, the five-time world champion. There was probably a bit of pressure when stepping on the ground at Touron’s Palade Sport. The Brazilian found the opening after 20 seconds of play on the reopening of Arthur’s left side (0-1, 1st), so he kept an eye out to resume the blocked strike.

Arthur’s joy during the opening of scoring (photo SulyvanMANFROI / APL / FFF).

This unsuccessful start was ultimately a disguised blessing as the French elicited additional motives from it as needed. Their reaction came soon. Abdessamad Mohammed, Landry N’Gala, and Souheil Mouhoudine seized the opportunity like Ayoub Saadaoui, who was blocked by the Brazilian (12th). Mamadu Toure then found the gloves of Higuita (16th) who intervened before Muhowdine shortly before halftime (20th). In the fierceness and duel, Bruce carried out his mission. They lacked success and a little accuracy.

1-3, power play and scorer Mouhoudine

When they returned from the changing room, they attacked violently, and with a free kick from Nelson Routine, Nicholas Menendez managed to level (1-1, 22nd). The second goal of choice he has long remembered. In the aftermath, Sid Belhadj had some dangerous chances, but Higuita was everywhere (23rd and 25th). And when the Brazilian goalkeeper was beaten, like this attempt by N’Gala, his post replaced him (27th).

Nicholas Menendez tied for Bruce (Photo Sulyvan MANFROI / APL / FFF).

In the end, it was Brazil that regained the lead. Joévin Durot repelled the first alert in front of Rafa (27th), Arthur scored twice again (1-2, 32nd) and Marlon widened the gap (1-3, 36th). .. Later, coach Rafael Raynaud used power play (goalkeepers are replaced by additional outfielders). Souheil Mouhoudine found the opening two minutes later (2-3, 38th) and managed to finish the thrilling match without returning.

Two days after their first victory in history against Slovenia (2-1), they were able to join the world’s top 20 (19th instead of 21st), and Bruce was on par with top-notch opponents. Another step for this French team.

Interview with Raphaël Reynaud: “We know where we want to go”

Menendez: “I didn’t give up until the end.”

Nicholas Menendez (French futsal team and scorer): “I was inevitably disappointed, at least because I wanted to take the draw, but there’s something positive about this because it’s a slight defeat to the best future nation. Imagine this result before the kickoff. Few would have done it! Brazil is a very good team with very good mobility and technicality, unlike Slovenia. We went looking for them so high that we told them Caused a problem. We didn’t give up until the end. We had a lot of chances to equalize 1-1 and score a second goal. They were realistic, 2-1 and then I led 3-1. I went back to 2-3 but didn’t get the third. It’s through these encounters that we learn and grow. Despite the defeat, the positive points there is. “”