Guzavier Neil escorted the door of “La Provence”

Xavier Neil, who ordered him to leave the premises, began a tense discussion with staff representatives, a fierce clash with newspaper president and general manager Jean Christoph Selfati, inside Wednesday, March 2. The site where I spent only 10 minutes Provence, A newspaper in which he is a minority shareholder (11% of capital). Free founder Econduit (and worldHowever, he continued his discussions all morning on the premises adjacent to the company, and union officials wanted to hear what he had to tell them.

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This episode is turbulent and extremely surreal, part of a relentless battle between Xavier Niel and Rodolphe Saadé, the boss of the shipowner’s CMA CGM, to buy 89% of the shares. Provence It used to belong to Bernard Tapie, who died in October 2021. On February 15, following a second bid call by a judicial liquidator of a group of deceased businessmen, the Bobigny Court validated the offer from CMACGM as the best bidder.

New discussion

Neil’s holding company, NJJ, put a € 20 million on the table, and Rodolph Saade responded with a € 81 million purchase offer, twice as much expertise. Since then, his project to take over the newspaper with a promise to invest 12 to 20 million euros in the maintenance of printing presses and the development of the group in Marseille has won the support of some employees and union representatives. .. .. As part of that, on February 24, a court in Marseille presumed that only the highest-priced offer should be offered to employees within the legal proceedings of the consultation, and was renewed to Xavier Neil’s opponents. Brought about a lot of discussion.

As a minority shareholder, Guzavier Neil can buy newspapers on the condition that he fits himself to the best offer he no longer excludes.

On Wednesday, the Free boss was nevertheless intended to be able to explain the details. “His view as a minority shareholder” To the representative of the staff. At 9:45 am, Xavier Niel smiles when he arrives on foot with NJJ’s general manager and Southeastern group representative Anthony Maarek. “I didn’t come to present my offer, I came to meet an employee of Provence. They asked me to explain what I was trying to do over time. “ He guarantees before entering the newspaper pen.

In the vestibule, some staff representatives express hostility at the shareholders they blame. “Contempt”. “He’s worried, so I’m coming now. At the time of bidding, we asked him to present his project to us, he always ignored us.” Jean-Paul Frauziol, CSE secretary of Eurosud, an advertising subsidiary of Provence. “His offer was deemed invalid by the court. By coming today, he is confusing the legal process, Ouiam Edhahbi, CSE representative of Sud Presse Distribution, explains. If he offers an offer at the time of preemption, we will hear him. »» As a minority shareholder, he can buy newspapers on the condition that he fits himself to the best offers that are no longer excluded. “Neil believes he is beyond justice. These are vicious methods.” Isabel Lucchoni scolds Force Uvriere Corsican-Matin.

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