Guzavier Neil fired by CEO of “La Provence” during a meeting with editorial staff

Media-“You kicked me out of this facility.”Guzavier Neil is not forgetting his visit to the media grounds Provence In Marseille. This Wednesday, March 2, when he came to see an employee representative, he was fired by the group’s CEO within 10 minutes.

The boss of the mobile phone company Free, an individual shareholder of the La Vie-Le Monde Group. HuffPostIs an 11% minority shareholder in Marseille daily through the Avenir D√©veloppement Holding Company. He traveled at the request of some employees of the newspaper, but others didn’t want his presence. The tone rose to the intervention of CEO Jean-Christophe Serfati. Provence The person who asked him to leave the site every day, as you can see in the video below.

The end of the exchange took place on the porch of the newspaper grounds. “You kicked me out of this facility,” Xavier Neil told the CEO.

“La Provence” coveted by Neil and Sade

“He doesn’t have to be there,” argued Jean Christoph Selfati. “I emailed him that I didn’t agree to come. He still wanted to come and make a powerful passage. I put him in and went to the meeting. He said, “You want me to leave,” he was the one who suggested it.Then I said so, “explained to the CEO of BFM Marseille. Provence..

These deep divisions within the staff are due to the debate over future buyers of newspapers. Some unions support CMA-CGM’s CEO Rodolph Sade’s offer, while others support Guzavienil’s offer. Both of them will be major shareholders of the newspaper as they are trying to control the 89% stake previously held by the Bernard Tapie Group (GBT). The CSE must be held on Monday, March 7, in the presence of CMA-CGM representatives, BFM Marseille said.

But things don’t go according to Xavier Neil’s plan: as recalled worldFollowing a second bid call initiated by Bernard Tapie’s group judicial liquidators on February 15, the Bobigny Court validated the CMA-CGM proposal as the best bid. Meanwhile, the Marseille Court estimated on February 24 that only the highest priced offer should be offered to employees as part of the legal consultation process. The Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeals will consider this aspect on March 28.

“He’s worried, so I’m coming now.”

However, Xavier Neil began to deal with employees Provence.. “I didn’t come to present my offer, I come to meet an employee of Provence.. They asked me to explain what they were trying to do in the long run, “but he guaranteed it when he arrived at the premises.

according to MediapartJean-Christophe Serfati, who had been warned about this visit, opposed by email, claiming that this was equivalent to “violating the court’s decision.” A warning that he did not consider Xavie Niel. Therefore, in a video posted on Facebook by the La Provence-Corse Matin FO / CGT union, you can see a representative of the staff saying, “It will arrive when the offer is removed from the game.”

“He’s worried, so I’m coming now. At the time of the bid call, we asked him to present his project to us, he always ignored us,” he accused. Did world Jean-Paul Frauziol, CSE Secretary of Eurosud, L’s Advertising SubsidiaryIn Provence..

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