Half-mast Corsican flag after Colonna’s death? “That’s the fault,” Judge Macron

Corsica-President Emmanuel Macron did not appreciate the initiative of the Collectivity of Corsica. The latter lowered the flag after the death of the independence activist Ivan Corona. Ivan Corona’s funeral will take place on Friday in his family’s village.

“That’s wrong and inappropriate,” responded Emmanuel Macron, who had spoken as a presidential candidate for M6. He didn’t add any further comments.

Meditation has become widespread on the island since the announcement of Ivan Corona’s death. This is in contrast to the scene of violence, where various demonstrations were held in support of Corsican activists for nearly two weeks. Several rallies took place peacefully, and the Collectivity of Corsica on Tuesday lowered its flag.

“To express the collective grief we felt after the tragic death of Yvan Colonna, and in the face of the dark times Corsica is experiencing, the flag of Corsica’s collective is this. It will be lowered from the day, “the agency justified. In a press release.

“Unbearable, obscene”

This decision was criticized by some, including former Prime Minister Manuel Valls. “I can’t stand it and it’s vulgar,” he tweeted. “One is to respect the pain and sorrow of the Colonna family, and the other is to turn the man accused of assassinating the governor of the Republic into a hero and a martyr. increase.”

Same reaction to Vice LR Julian Ober: “No matter what your emotions are, it’s unacceptable.”

Yvan Colonna, who was killed in the assassination of Governor Claude Elignac in 1998, was sentenced to terrorism at a sports hall in Arles Prison (Bouches-du-Rhone) on March 2. I was attacked violently. Almost three weeks after being in a coma, the former shepherd died Monday night at a hospital in Marseille at the age of 61.

Hoping to ease tensions within three weeks of the presidential election, the government has recently implemented several appeasement policies. Announcement of negotiations on the possibility of Corsica autonomy, settlement of two other detainees to Corsica prison in Borgo by mid-April. Of Elignac Commando, Alan Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri.

Yvan Colonna also claimed a long-standing settlement on Corsica, but was unable to obtain it, especially due to the reported status of Prisoner (DPS).

Many Corsicans believe that the state shares responsibility for rejecting this request. Therefore, the slogan “French national assassin”, which is widespread in recent week’s demonstrations, was sometimes very violent.

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