handball.French team beat Ukraine thanks to controlled second half

The French women’s handball team was upset, but won. From the beginning, Le Bruce was put under pressure by Stelmuff, a tall pivot of 1 minute 92 seconds who scored 3 goals in 5 minutes and hit. Very quickly, the balance of power reversed. Le Bruce strengthened his defenses, and Glauser, who was celebrating his 100th cap, bragged about his status by saving almost 50% before the break.

17 minutes without Ukraine score

The Ukrainians had a huge 17-minute air hole without scoring a goal in the first half. During this time, the French couldn’t fly off the scoreboard and came across a wonderful Glauser that almost hit Glauser. During the break, Bruce was only three units ahead with a very weak score (9-6).

From the beginning of the second half, French women were shown to be more sensitive to attacks, greatly widening the scoreboard gap. After that, Esther Nze Minko’s teammates controlled the lead and won their fifth win in six Euro 2022 qualifying games.

On their side, Ukrainians will find a decisive double confrontation with the Czech Republic in June, as they will be able to win a ticket for the euro.

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Saturday, April 23, 2022

9:14 pm

This is the end of this live. Thank you for following me. You can switch to live PSG to receive lenses in League 1. Good evening everyone!

9:11 pm

Olivier Krumbholz on BeIN Sports Mike:

We had an inconsistent attack. I think it’s much better than Wednesday. Personal satisfaction is high and there is potential.

9:08 pm

Esther Nze Minco about her role as captain

It’s expensive to be a real captain (laughs). It’s cool because it gives a pre-match speech, but there are some tricky things. For example, what time is the meal and the girl is asked if she can take a nap a little longer. No, it’s a joke, but it was a great time.

9:06 pm

Estelle Nze-Mincko with BeIN Sports mic

The first half was quiet. In the second half, I put in a little more to win.

9:05 pm

Floriane André with a BeIN Sports mic

good. I couldn’t ask for more. I am very proud to be able to participate in the victory of the French team.

9:03 pm

✅ Blue victory!

Thanks to the fully mastered second half, the Olivier Krumbholz players found their way to success three days after losing to the Czech Republic. Therefore, France concludes this qualifying campaign with a record of five victories in one defeat.

9:02 pm

60 minutes: Great Rob (27-18) scored by Horacek to seal the victory.

9:01 pm

59′: Rush to the very end of the game! Thanks to this skylight from Celsien (26-18), France is leading with eight goals.

8:59 pm

57′: We are in the money time of this meeting. Now sure, France will win.

8:55 pm

55′: The first failure of Horasek with a throw of 7 meters in the next action.

8:54 pm

54′: A new parade by Floriane André on a 7m jet !!

8:52 pm

53′: Time out by Ukraine! France is heading for victory.

8:51 pm

52′: Gradun continues its good performance. She will have her new parade in front of Tublanc.

8:47 pm

49′: Gorilska’s gorgeous goal that deceived Andre and returned to the goal! (22-13)

8:43 pm

46′: This second period has more prolific goals …

8:42 pm

45 minutes: LGoalkeeper Andre unlocks the counter with a choice! Upon recovery, she used the game without a Ukrainian goalkeeper to score her first goal in a blue jersey (19-12).

8:40 pm

44′: Ukraine is finding obstacles more regularly, thanks to games without goalkeepers. But it will be wiped out very soon by this new goal from Valentini (17-12).

8:37 pm

43′: So far, France has been 100% successful in the second half of the shooting.

8:34 pm

40 minutes: Horasek is not shy and transforms his third 7m throw tonight! (15-9).

8:33 pm

39′: Ukraine strengthens defense Fripes found the same mistake (14-8).

8:31 pm

36′: Ukraine is currently playing 7-6 in the offensive phase and is finding obstacles more regularly. (13-7).

8:29 pm

34′: Since the recovery, France has accelerated its attacks! This time, it was Nzeminko who won (12-6).

8:28 pm

33′: Great hip shot from Zardy who scored the second goal! (11-6).

8:27 pm

32′: Floriane André begins the second phase. This is Nantes’s goalkeeper’s first choice and also signs her first stop! (10-6)

8:25 pm

⏱️ I’m going to Le Havre again here!Hope to see more goals in the second half

8:12 pm

Laura Glauser on BeIN Sports Mike:

I was a little nervous compared to the match against the Czechs. Maybe that’s why we play small arms.

8:10 pm

Half time with Le Havre!

After the first period was played with the wrong rhythm, France took the lead in the break, especially thanks to the very nice Laura Glauser.

8:09 pm

29′: Ukraine’s goal!

Finally, Ukraine finds a way to the net thanks to Polyac at a throw of 7 meters! 17 minutes after the visitor shook Laura Glauser’s net.

8:08 pm

29′: 2 minutes to Foppa. France will end the first period with a sense of numerical inferiority.

8:07 pm

28′: Gradun has a barracks!

The Ukrainian goalkeeper prevents Bruce from escaping a little more on the scoreboard. Once again, in front of Manon Wet.

8:05 pm

28′: Manon Houette tries Lukelet, but Gladun remains vigilant (9-5).

8:04 pm

26′: Blues is +3

Canor is a right wing and serves Koatea perfectly. The wings allow France to take off. At the same time, Ukraine will be penalized for 2 minutes (8-5).

8:02 pm

24 minutes: A wonderful haste that Nokan finished from the back base. France takes a two-step lead (7-5).

8:01 pm

twenty three’: Ukraine still cannot find the shortcomings of France’s defense.

7:58 pm

twenty two’: Timeout set by Ukraine. It’s been 10 minutes since the visitor found the way to the internet!

7:56 pm

twenty one’: Laura Grouser is a 44% discount. Its Ukrainian counterpart, Gladun, is also shining because it is 40%.

7:55 pm

20 min: Ukraine has not scored more than 8 minutes!

7:55 pm

18 mins: France takes the lead!

Canor takes a good urge at the 9m entrance and sends mines to the bottom of the Gradun net. Les Bleues leads for the first time in this game (6-5).

7:52 pm

17′: Glauser, see you again!

The French goalkeeper closes her angle completely after the wing shot. Always 5-5.

7:50 pm

15 minutes: Laura Grouser achieves a very good first 15 minutes of an hour. Bruce can keep in touch with Ukraine (5-5).

7:49 pm

14′: Sercien scored two consecutive goals and tied two teams!

7:48 pm

13′: Timeouts are beneficial. Sercien shoots from 9m and scores the fourth goal of Le Bruce.

7:46 pm

12′: First time-out set by Olivier Krumbholz!

Le Bruce scored only three goals, offending the French coach. He sets a timeout in the hope of changing the dynamics.

7:42 pm

9′: France returns to heights!

Coatea is found alone about 6 m on the axis. The winger on the right does not quiver and equalizes the two countries (3-3).

7:40 pm

6′: Leblue has already lost four balloons! But thanks to Chloe Balantini (2-3), they are narrowing the gap.

7:39 pm

Five’: The French are facing difficulties at the beginning of the game. They lose a lot of balls trying to perform a fast ball run.

7:37 pm

Four’: The first French goal of the game is scored by Horacek with a 7m throw (1-2).

7:37 pm

3′: Poleta Foppa takes the first shot of the French team, but she trips over the Ukrainian goalkeeper. Behind the scenes, Stelmack allows Ukraine to break (0-2).

7:35 pm

1′: The first goal of this conference will be scored by Stelmack (0-1).

7:33 pm

1′: ⏱️ Let’s go to Le Havre!

After applause and a photo between the two countries, the kick-off of this conference will be done by Ukraine.

7:28 pm

Visitors are warmly applauded by the masses of La Marseillaise … put it in Marseillaise now!

7:27 pm

A place for hymns. Pay tribute to the Ukrainians before Marseillaise echoes in Le Havre.

7:24 pm

Now it’s time for the French to return to the field.

7:23 pm

Both teams enter the field, starting with Ukrainians.

7:20 pm

Isn’t there two without three?

The French won the last two conflicts against Ukraine (28-25) and (31-19). The end of Le Bruce against Ukraine … dates back to 2005!

7:15 pm

Le Bruce already has Euro qualifications

Olivier Krumbholz players are already guaranteed to compete in the Euro from November 4th to 20th in Slovenia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

7:10 pm

Le Bruce lost in the last tournament

The French women’s handball team lost one point to the Czech Republic in the Euro 2022 qualifying match on Wednesday night (31-30). Their tickets were already in their pockets and the hub was abused during the meeting and appeared to be below normal levels. The Czechs are very aggressive and well-positioned defensively and are returning to the race for qualification.

7:05 pm

Great gesture of the French Union that decided to fund a trip to Ukraine

The French handball team will face Ukraine in the Euro 2022 qualifying match at Le Havre on April 23. Ukrainians will be able to travel thanks to the wonderful gesture of the French Union to fund the entire trip.

6:58 pm

Hi guys! Welcome to this live match between France and Ukraine.

handball.French team beat Ukraine thanks to controlled second half