Handball / professional league. GBDH new employees take their mark

“I want to show that I can keep the player.” This is how Lionel Jeffroy, Head of Specialization, explains GBDH’s recruitment strategy. Thanks to Covid’s elimination of uncertainty, GBDH was able to get four new employees to sign a two-year contract (Raul Bargelli, Martin Petiot, Gautier Morvan, Lucas Hubert). The club was also able to retain players as well as stepping stones and trainers.

Prior to medical examination

Before going on vacation, the club brought these four players and passed some medical tests. “They already had all the required NHL tests,” explains Geoffroy. Finding slots for today’s cardiologists and 16 players is not so easy. I wanted to run these tests right away. It requires a lot of physical investment from them, they didn’t want to let them through in August when they were fully prepared to return from vacation.

For Benoit Guillaume, it is also important to consider that “in the test, what is done is our entire range of work on the physical side.” There is a part about what we program at the level of the dimension of motion. There are indications depending on what was seen by the physiotherapist. This makes it possible to bring the recovery program closer to reality. “

This fairly comprehensive medical care was also an important discussion in discussions with players. “We have extensive medical staff and actual physiological and physical monitoring. It’s also important for them as professionals to stay in good shape for as long as possible throughout the season,” Jeffroy said. I am.

Preparations for this season will begin on July 25th at the Sports Palace.

First words of GBDH new employees

Raul Barghelli (Pivot): “It was my dream to come and play abroad. Even more so in France. I was crazy when I got a suggestion from Besancon. I have already seen some games. I’ve been, and I know players like Andrea Parisini. He talked to me a lot about the championship. “

Martin Petio (Right rear wing): “I already wanted to return to the Pro League at any club that had the means to match its ambitions from an infrastructure perspective. Here we still offer It has great potential for me. I would like to register for a long time. I wouldn’t have gone to a club where the shortest playing time is not guaranteed, but I would like to play even at the age of 30. I think I’m confident in Luxembourg. I want to incorporate my experience into managing the end of the game. In Luxembourg, the end of each match is tight. But it’s true that playing time was the first factor. is.

Gautier Movan (Left Winger): “I was in N1 this year, so I wanted to see something else. I wanted to see another world, the professional world. Hugo Bedel was a big part of making this decision. Helped me. He wanted to come to me. I jumped at that opportunity. The training side of the club makes you want. Still young I am a training and evolving club I’m telling myself that. Growing up here makes you want to do it. “

Lucas-Hubert (Center left half): “It’s a big sports project, a club with ambitions. I’ve been thinking for a long time, but after weighing the strengths and weaknesses, Besancon fascinated me. This season (Sarrebourg) And), the match against Besancon was pretty good for me. Now I’m here, and I give everything for this club.