Heatwave: Danger, Advice … How to practice sports activities in hot weather

What precautions should sports fans take when a heat wave hits France? Midi dispatch Make points.

High-intensity heat waves are affecting France this week, peaking this weekend and expecting temperatures above 38 ° C in some locations. In this context, sports practice is not recommended by professionals.

“Cardiologists recommend that you do not exercise hard above 30 degrees,” sports doctor Roland Krzentowski explains in a video from the Ministry of Sports. “I don’t play sports on hot days,” says Dr. Carrie, a sports doctor in Toulouse, who has even less heart problems.

Watch out for heat stroke

Therefore, beware of heat stroke if heat waves occur. This is also called malignant hyperthermia. This is an extreme and sudden rise in core temperature following intense activity and muscle activity, which can lead to death from cardiac arrest.

“This is the moment when the body loses the means to control temperature control,” Roland Krzentowski specifies. Headaches, less obvious behavior … some signs should warn you. In case of heat stroke, contact the ambulance crew immediately.

“You really need to be vigilant. A’simple’long walk can cause heat stroke in an untrained person,” Dr. Carrie warns.

Tips to follow

Despite the heat, it is important to follow some safety rules when playing sports.

First advice: Get enough hydration. “The way to fight the heat of the body is to sweat,” explains Roland Krzentowski. When dehydrated, the amount available to the body is reduced and the ability to sweat is reduced, so sweating reduces the ability to fight heat. “.

“We recommend drinking before, during, and after sports practice. You need to rehydrate regularly without waiting for thirst,” Dr. Carrie advises. We recommend it because the heat tends to warm the water. To refill bottles frequently. “

Also note that some products are dehydrated. Tea and coffee do tend to increase urine.

  • Choose the right clothes

I prefer loose, breathable clothing as well as white clothing over black. Indeed, white reflects the rays of the sun and black absorbs the rays of the sun.

Also, be careful of skin burns. Remember to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget the cap and sunscreen.

  • Practice in the morning and in the shade

Choose to practice your sport during the coldest hours, for example in the morning. And we give priority to sports in the shade. Therefore, it is wise to run in the woods rather than playing tennis on an open ground protected from the wind.

Ideally, practice sports activities in an air-conditioned gym or go to the swimming pool. “But you also need to know that you sweat and lose water,” the sports doctor warns.

  • Reduce the intensity of effort

“We recommend reducing the intensity of your efforts, as heat itself is a factor that makes our performance easier,” explains Roland Krzentowski. “The hotter you get, the higher your heart rate. Just because you need to sweat, Dr. Carrie goes into detail. For example, if you’re cycling, you’ll get 15 to 20 beats per minute more than usual. Therefore, it is not the same effort. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the strength. “

Also, avoid very long efforts if you are not particularly familiar with it.

Observe yourself and see the partners you work out with. “There may be warning signs of serious consequences of the heat,” says Roland Kursentowski, for example, a sports companion who blushes or behaves a bit unusually.

  • Have a good recovery

Last tip: Good recovery is essential. “After practice, you should lower your body temperature by putting yourself in the shade and taking a shower of lukewarm water for at least 30 minutes after the end of your efforts to avoid the risk of low blood pressure,” said sports doctor Emmanuel Debost. Supports. , French news..