Hidalgo, the last straight line of non-candidate Macron, prosecutes a candidate who is too reconciled with Russia … Political news of the day

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  • Today’s News: The Last Straight Line Before Emmanuel Macron’s Declaration of Candidates

He is not yet an official candidate, but the date for his first campaign meeting is approaching. Several sources within La Républiqueen Marche (LRM) told Agence France-Presse (AFP) Wednesday morning that President-elect Emmanuel Macron will hold his first meeting on March 5. “City of heart”Marseille.

This suggests that the head of state will join the campaign in the next few days. The date of the first event is not a coincidence. The sponsorship deposit limit is actually set the day before March 4th.

Since January, the Head of State has repeated his desire to chair. “Until the last 15 minutes”Against the backdrop of a health crisis, and diplomatic tensions. However, relations with Russia regarding Ukrainian files have recently deteriorated, and Macron has postponed his candidacy declaration.

The wait has caused a series of criticisms from opposition candidates and wants to see their main enemies enter the arena. They criticize Emmanuel Macron for campaigning without saying so. It was estimated that on Tuesday, heads of state were trying to use diplomatic sequences for election purposes, such as Marine Le Pen and Valerie Pécrès...

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Deputy La France called on Mr Macron to announce his program on Wednesday. ” as soon as possible “.. “Side “Hovering candidate” Candidates in a subliminal sense, but who don’t have a program to lower their level a bit. “Said a spokesman for Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Behind the scenes, everything is ready to participate in the Head of State campaign. Over the last few months, about 50 LRM employees and Mr. Macron’s close guards have been working on building his new presidential project. “We are making final adjustments to the car so that the driver only has to turn the key at the ignition.”Consignment In the world In mid-February, party spokesman Roland Rescue.

If this candidacy declaration is unquestionable, will it make it possible to give a second breeze to campaigns that are struggling to attract the attention of the French?

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  • Today’s image: Yannick Jadot launches CESE candidate hearing

Yannick Jadot at CESE on Wednesday, February 23rd.

Environmental candidate Yannick Jadot was the first candidate for the presidential election to speak before the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE). “Democratic question”Wednesday, just before Fabien Roussel and Anne Hidalgo.

In the Palediena half-cycle, ecologists defended only one seven-year term instead of the current renewable five-year term. “Returning the President to the Times”,of“Ecology”. In favor of “Non-presidential” VWhen Republic, a candidate for European ecology-also defends the Greens “Veto” For EESC “Many subjects”, Before the adoption of the law, such as the rule of law and the environment.

  • Today’s text: Anne Hidalgo condemns the positions of Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Melenchon in Russia

“Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Melenchon, they are offensive nationalist and imperialist accomplices.”

Anne Hidalgo has emerged as a politician and wants to draw a line with her opponents. From her campaign headquarters, Socialist candidates held a press conference on Wednesday about the Ukrainian crisis.If she solemnly blames “Unprecedented aggression”She also attacked three enemies advocating dialogue with Russia, claiming: “Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Melenchon, they are accomplices to aggressive nationalists and imperialists.” »»

“I observe leaders who find excuses in every situation, from the far right to the far left. [Vladimir] Putin “ , She continued. Candidates also attacked Emmanuel Macron’s foreign policy. “I want to seduce Putin, but without resorting to substantive work.”..

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  • … In 2017, Christiane Taubila already believed that “what differentiates left-wing sensibilities” is “not banned”.

Do you want to unite the left? At the end of François Hollande’s five-year term, 2017 was already a significant challenge. Former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, who left the socialist government in January 2016 due to political disagreements, returned to the issue on February 23 in an interview with journalists Bastien Bonnefous and Nicolas Chapuis.

Already M.myself Taubila considered it “What distinguishes the left sensitivity n”[était] Not forbidden » And they faced “Historical responsibility”. A refrain that reflects the repetition of the current candidates for the 2022 presidential election, which started this race at the end of January.A few weeks ago, Christiane Taubila promised she didn’t want to be. “Another candidate”..

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Let’s go back to 2017.Former seal keeper then regrets “Left-wing abandonment to that identity”, “To that value” Since then “At least 20 or 30 years”..For a former member of Guyana, her political camp “We have accumulated political and cultural defeats.”, “The left has to find himself.” She affirms it: she doesn’t believe “Inevitable defeat”.

In the April 2017 election, she supports socialist Benoit Hamon.. But on the issue of tension that exists between Jean-Luc Melenchon and the socialist candidate, Christiane Taubila said: “Two unreconcilable left”, Worn by Manuel Valls.

And why didn’t she participate in the presidential election? “The challenge was not to participate in internal competition or competition.”, Retort Mmyself Taubila.. She Conclusion: “The left must come together to work on matter and over time. »» Five years later, it is clear that his camp was unsuccessful.

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  • Agenda on Thursday, February 24:

Continue hearing of CESE candidates. Following Fabien Roussel, Janic Jadot and Anne Hidalgo on Wednesday, the Economic and Social Environment Council (CESE) will represent other candidates on Thursday. “Democratic question”.. Insoumise French Vice President Matilde Panott on behalf of Jean-Luc Melenchon will be heard at 2:15 pm, followed by President Xavier Bertrand on behalf of Valerie Pécrès at 3:45 pm .. Finally, at 5:15 pm, MEP Nicolas Bay, representing Eric Zemmour.

Sponsorship points.. Eight days before the sponsorship deadline, such as every Tuesday and Thursday, the Constitutional Council publishes a signature update given to candidates for the presidential election on its website.

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on TV. Marine Le Pen, who suspended the field campaign until further notice due to the failure to collect 500 sponsorships, will be a guest of the program “Elysée 2022” in France 2 from 8:40 pm.

Annual CRIF dinner. Invited to the annual dinner of the French Jewish Organization Representative Council (CRIF) at 8:30 pm, the President of the Republic will eventually replace Prime Minister Jean Castex. Emmanuel Macron must go to a special European Council related to the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, Elysee said.

IVG. On Wednesday, February 23, Parliament decisively adopted an extension of the statutory deadline for appealing to abortion (IVG) from 12 weeks to 14 weeks. The text, led by opposition lawmaker Alban Guylot, has sparked strong opposition from some of Parliamentary rights. The majority were a rare sign of the group’s independence against Emmanuel Macron, and took some time before deciding to defend it. The head of state has certainly stated several times that he is reluctant to deal with this issue., Like when he returned from his visit to Pope Francis in the fall of 2021.

President. The Head of State now registers a new rally with strong symbolic value coming from the sovereign on the left. Former Socialist Minister Jean-Pierre Chevenement supports Emmanuel Macron for the presidential election Sunday newspaper. After a few years of reconciliation between the two men, the expected announcement will also allow us to readjust the new wave of support for Mr Macron, so far coming from the right.