High School Rankings: What Will Brought to Breton’s Facilities? -2022 High School Ranking

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree remains an unavoidable goal for most high school students. And from this point of view, which facility do we do our best? The answer includes far more criteria, not just the results of the baccalauréat. Indeed, the percentage of students with baccalauréat is often in the spotlight. However, it is worth considering other factors to characterize student training and support. A point with annual data from the province.

  • 1 The person who does his best to get a bachelor’s degree
  • This is the simplest criterion and also an incomplete indicator. Baccalaureate pass rate.. Some Breton facilities stand out with 100% success. Of the more than 200 Breton high schools, there are 11 in the public sector and 42 in the private sector. More generally, at more than 80 Breton facilities, 9 out of 10 candidates who passed the bac got it.

  • 2 The person who best supports the student
  • Great success at the Baccalaureate is one thing. Another option is to allow each student to complete their education and obtain a diploma, regardless of the difficulty. In the face of regular comparisons of success rates, some facilities actually try to send students with poor grades or those who need to repeat the year to other courses or facilities.

    As the ministry points out, measuring this percentage of students who say “high school didn’t know, didn’t want, or couldn’t lead a bachelor’s degree” Access rate from second to bachelor’s degree It will be calculated.

    With this criterion, rankings change radically. At about 40 facilities in Breton, sophomores have more than nine out of ten chances of getting a baccalauréat after graduating from high school. The facilities at Eve Tepo in Camper and Amiral Ronark in Brest are particularly striking, with over 95%.

  • 3 Someone who is doing much better than expected
  • Raw rates allow classification, but they hide large inequality between facilities. For example, high schools in the city center do not face the same constraints and characteristics as local high schools. This is why the Ministry of National Education emphasizes the “added value” offered by the facility. Difference between theoretical possibility and observed rate To the fact.

    Therefore, in Brittany, 25 general high schools and 19 specialized high schools show that the proportion of Baccalaureate students in 2021 is higher than expected. This theoretical percentage calculated by the ministry takes into account the characteristics of each facility, especially the level of training of the student’s social origin or admission.

    In terms of support, about 20 public Breton high schools recorded a rate 3 points higher than theoretically expected. It is a marker of broader academic support and is more often observed in institutions with limited registration. Facilities include Eve Tepo in Camper, Amiral Ronark in Brest, and Chapters in Saint-Brieuc.

  • 4 People who accumulate references
  • In addition to the success rate Share of mention What you get also depends on the school. Again, some criteria can affect this ratio. Therefore, in Montban-de-Brittany, the private high school La Providence controls 100% of the total references in the Baccalaureate. Rate compared to the workforce presented for the exam: only 10 candidates! In public, Chateaubriand High School in Rennes and August Briseau in Camper have the highest mention rates.