His proposal to condition RSA for activity causes controversy

Emmanuel Macron during a meeting with readers of the local daily newspaper held in Poe on March 18, 2022.

one “A better balance of rights and obligations” Or major “Anti-social” ?? Since the announcement of his project on March 17, the reforms advocated by Emmanuel Macron have caused salvos of criticism not only from his competitors for the presidential election, but also from unions and groups fighting exclusion. T: His will to condition active solidarity income (RSA) 15-20 hours a week to promote professional integration.

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As soon as the presidential candidate’s press conference was over, his opponents condemned the idea and presented it as a device to pay beneficiaries at a discount.they “Even at the minimum wage level, you will work for 7 euros an hour!» », Protested Communist candidate Fabien Roussel. this is, “15 to 20 hours of work” You will be paid € 565 per week. This is the amount of RSA per person per month. The same argument as Marine Le Pen, the representative of the National Rally (RN). “Emmanuel Macron wants to create a half-time job for € 6 an hour.”She resented and criticized the logic “Neoliberalism”..

Several unions were also very critical, including CGT General Secretary Philippe Martinez and his UNSA counterpart Laurent Escure. “The poorest must be supported, not suspected or punished. Training should be provided, not forced.Judged the latter.

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Macronists, on the other hand, claim to be victims of false trials and vow that they don’t want to create low-paying jobs.Hearing them, there’s nothing in the system they want to implement “Punitive” But on the contrary, “Accompanying” Approximately 2 million RSA beneficiaries towards “true” Employment contract. This minimum income collection is not an end in itself, but just a transitional period.

“The purpose is to get out of it.”

RSA “Social progress, but the purpose is not to stay there, but to get out of it.”Underlined Prime Minister Jean Castex at TF1 on Monday, March 21st. “Helping someone and accompanying them for integration is always better than giving them an allowance. The allowance is the coward’s answer.” On Monday, on BFM-TV, he appealed to Christoph Castanel, the boss of his adjutant La Republique en Marche (LRM). “Allowance is the answer to poverty”, La France insoumise (LFI) argued against Adrien Quatennens’ agent.

The controversy is fueled by the ambiguity of Mr Macron’s remarks.When he talked about the need “Dedicate 15 to 20 hours a week for activities”To be able to touch RSA, he both “Tariffs” – Before saying that this is relevant – suggests that this applies to all beneficiaries without distinction “Everyone who can”.. This raises questions about possible exemptions. The specific organization of the device is no longer specified in his presidential project. Under the heading “Strengthened Rights and Obligations,” RSA “Conditional effective activities that enable integration”..Without specifying the criteria that allow you to evaluate what “Actual activity”..

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