Hockey Canada: Sports Canada was aware of allegations of sexual assault in 2018

Asked Tuesday afternoon before the Standing Committee for Canadian Cultural Heritage, Ruest also said that Sport Canada, a division of Canadian Cultural Heritage, had not notified the office of then-Federal Sports Minister Kent Hehr of the allegations. I told MP.

The current sports minister, Pascal Stoongji, said she knew the claim only this year.

In response to a question from Peter Julian, the NDPMP representing horseback riding in Burnaby, British Columbia, the Minister admitted that there was a misunderstanding. St-Onge has provided Sport Canada with great tools and promised to be surrounded by experts to prevent this from happening again.

I will use all the tools at my disposal to force the necessary cultural changes, such as in Hockey Canada., St-Onge said, without excluding the guardian’s suggestion proposed by the vice. But the minister said she wasn’t sure if she had the power to use it.

It is emotional that she invited the athlete who was the victim of the abuse and her parents who would have witnessed it to blame these undesired situations.

It is their voice that I am trying to amplify at work, strengthening the system and ending this culture of sports to ensure the health and safety of athletes in the leadership of all Canadian sports stakeholders. We are calling for action to make them take action. She added.

The Minister reiterated the obligation that all National Sports Federations must sign the Universal Code of Conduct proposed by the Secretariat of the Commission on Sport Integrity (BCIS).

10 players testify and 9 are waiting

In the morning, Danielle Robitaille, a lawyer at the Toronto company Henein Hutchison, gave details of the player’s collaboration.

She said parliamentarians asked 10 players, seven refused to participate in her investigation while a police investigation was underway, and the other two first categorically refused to participate. Told. They will later signal that they are postponing their participation.

The Hockey Canada Commission has provided existing communications with lawyers representing eight of these nine players I have not yet interviewed. They have expressed reservations regarding my research, especially comments by politicians and members of Canadian hockey.Said the lawyer.

Hockey Canada Lawyer, Mie Daniel Robitaille

Hockey Canada Lawyer, Mie Daniel Robitaille

Photo: Ottawa Parliamentary Commission

They are worried that the basis of the case itself may have already been determined. I try to answer these concerns and get rid of them. I would like to get their voluntary participation in my research.

“” I was given a tool. If a player refuses to participate, Hockey Canada has notified me that he will be banned from any event involving Hockey Canada. Everyone will be notified and information will be published immediately. »»

— — Quote from I’m Daniel Lobitail, a lawyer for Hennein Hutchison

Liberal lawmaker Anthony Housefather asked her if she knew who the eight men were in the room where the young woman claimed to have been assaulted.

During these procedures, she replied that she did not want to provide an answer that could pollute the evidence of other witnesses I had not yet heard. We also don’t want to provide an answer that would color the evidence provided to the London Police, who have resumed the investigation, or to the NHL (National Hockey League) or AJLNH (National League Players Association Hockey).

Me Robitaille said plaintiffs refused to participate in her investigation for a long time, including 18 months after the police investigation was completed. This caused the lawyer to temporarily end her investigation and not recommend interviewing the remaining nine players until her petitioner provided her statement.

The situation has changedShe added.

On July 9, the petitioner showed that she was ready to get involved. The company was ordered to resume the investigation.Provided petitioner Detailed version of the event The lawyer is currently in a position to interview the rest of the hockey players.

The lawyer also indicated that she had met seven members of management and the coach at the request of the committee chair, but she refused to clarify the nature of their argument.

Hockey Canada did not force players to participate in the investigation at the time and did not penalize them if they refused. This is an important point that emerged from the arrival of hockey Canada executives at the end of June.

She also said that Hockey Canada demanded that experts remain confidential with respect to the recommendations contained in its preliminary report.

Hockey Canada Appearance

Hockey Canada officials will return to the committee on Wednesday to talk about allegations that players from two World Junior national teams committed sexual assault in the group in 2018 and 2003.

The committee called for a two-day meeting to sort out what had happened. Hockey Canada has been under close scrutiny since it was revealed in May that it had settled by paying monetary compensation to alleged victims of gangbang in 2018.

Details of the settlement, including the identities of the petitioner and the parties involved, have not been released.

On Friday, news of another allegation related to the Halifax 2003 team was reported.

The Government of Canada has stopped funding the federal government and ordered an audit. In addition, many corporate sponsors have since withdrawn financial support.

Scott Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Hockey, and recently retired CEO Tom Lenny were questioned by MPs at a committee hearing last month. Both should be back on Wednesday.

MP will also be contacted by Dan MacKenzie, President of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and Glen McCaddy, former Vice President of Insurance and Risk Management in Hockey Canada.

The committee will also hear from the president and chief executive officer of insurance company BFL Canada and the commissioners of Canada’s three major junior circuits: Western, Ontario and Quebec.

Hockey Canada, meanwhile, has created a plan to fight toxic cultures. It includes a centralized system for tracking and reporting abuse complaints, which will be rolled out by September. Results are announced annually.

Hockey Canada has pledged to appoint an independent board of directors by September 15 to ensure that the plan is implemented.

Meanwhile, former Boston Bruins Sheldon Kennedy, a victim of abuse and sexual harassment while playing in junior rank, tweeted on his Twitter account and immediately resigned from hockey Canada’s general manager Scott Smith. I asked.

“” The same individual who comes up with a new plan in anticipation of different results is just the definition of madness. We call for the immediate resignation of the Managing Director of Canadian Hockey. Scott Smith, his board of directors and board of directors. Don’t be afraid! »»

— — Quote from Sheldon Kennedy