Horoscope for Monday, March 21, 2022

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This is a week of surprises, unexpected projects, and tensions between specific groups. You, you will not be much affected, perhaps you will be an actor on the side of one of these areas, especially the project (second Decan). First decan, happy birthday, don’t worry. The third decane, Mercury in Pisces, gives you too much room for your imagination all week long.


Dissonance at the origin of the surprises and unexpected events of the week will partially affect your second decan. And it may have to be resolved in the form of a plosive. But you may not be completely ready yet, you don’t want to be forced to do something that puts you off. The second decan, your romance has been a problem all week long, the third decan, your advice will be of great help.


When the sun enters Aries, Mars dominates the sky. The star of conflict is exactly in opposition to Uranus, and there is a very strong tension in the air. It doesn’t have a close impact on you, but you’re very interested in what’s happening and it’s related to the overall signs. If you are sensitive to it, this bond can cause sudden changes in the field of work of the second Decan.


This doesn’t surprise you so much, because you also felt that it could happen, even if there was an unexpected event in your life, your intuition is working well! That said, you may need to make business decisions. If so, it’s not your choice. You will have to do the second decan. The first decan, you will have to play the police. The third Decan, permission is given to you during the week.


I have already told you about the Mars / Uranus dissonance, it has been active for a few days and has booked or booked a kind of shock for you. In most cases, you will be surprised at the decision (second decan) without asking. On the contrary, the first decan, you are very far from any obstruction! Third Deccan, you are pondering, but your thoughts are sometimes negative.


While you’re fully developing, you might get in the way, the second decan, and you probably didn’t see it coming! It is the essence of the Mars / Uranus side that causes the unexpected. You can get a refund or a bonus, support for the first decan … Be careful if you are warned about the third decan, something.


As far as you are concerned, if you are surprised, you can imagine that it is good because Mars is in harmony with you. You can make a lucrative decision, and even if you are not the one who created it, it goes in the direction you want (second decan). The first decan, you are perfect for relieving possible conflicts. The third Deccan, Mercury, Jupiter opens the door for you in terms of work.


I warned you to the second Decan about the fact that you can be very touched and disturbed at an emotional level. I repeat, I make no decisions, especially if you are angry or anxious. It’s better to wait until it passes (Saturday). Pay attention to the details of the first decan, the weak signal that life sends to you. Third decan, you look sad …


You may be very surprised by the information, but you still have to be sensitive to the situation. That said, your curiosity is very much emphasized … Mars is certainly in the sector that represents it, the current event and its surprise (second decane). The first decan, this week everything will entertain you. The third decan, Jupiter, has arrived and we may be unfair to you.


The financial sector may have surprises for you, your freedom of spending may be hampered by decisions made without your consent. The second decan unless you request a loan and you are subject to strict conditions. The first decan, fight fairly if possible. The third Deccan, Mercury, and Jupiter open up an interesting outlook for diversification.


You are very provocative and the second decan, which can go against you. Be careful, you run the risk of leading you everywhere. You tell yourself that you have to react to yourself, but there is another way. First Decan, don’t hesitate to advertise yourself. Try your luck as you may have a third decan, Baraka in terms of money.


It has a stronger bond than Mars / Uranus. For example, a successful test is a Mercury / Jupiter encounter. You can also provide approvals, passes and passports (second decan, born around 9th and 10th March). The first decan, your cost is a problem with the Aries in charge. Note the third decan, the illusion and disillusionment this Thursday.

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