Horoscope for Saturday, March 19, 2022

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It’s a party for many of you, in any case, the harmonious Moon / Venus can receive an invitation or spend a gentle night alone. The second decan, especially since Venus and Mars are your best friends. The first decan, patiently the sun arrives at your home and awakens you (from Monday). Born around April 18th, the third Deccan, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely changing your life can gradually impose yourself.


You must have felt it for a few days, Mars is dissonant with Uranus, and the climate is tense for those of the second Decan. You absolutely need freedom of action. You will probably find that you have been in a cage until now. The first Deccan born on April 30th is very solid with you and difficult to live with. The third decan, why not express the past situation in another way?


The harmony between the Moon and Venus this Saturday is wonderful for you. You are surrounded by people who love you and do everything to make you happy. You can also be invited somewhere to meet an interesting person (second decan). The first decan, there is no aspect at the moment, but it will feel much more dynamic from Monday. Third Deccan, you may have the opportunity to do some training.


If you come from a second decan, you may make difficult decisions, and you feel vulnerable to others. Protect yourself more, you can’t make this decision based on others, but based on yourself! First Deccan, don’t be surprised if you are very responsive, the sun is approaching Aries. The third Deccan, born around July 21, seems to be in the midst of a transformation of relationships.


You are already sensitive to Mars / Uranus dissonance and can encourage you to throw everything away when it doesn’t suit your interests. Please listen to the advice of people close to you. On the contrary, they think of you first and foremost (second decan). The first decan, the decan until Monday, has no side. The third decan, the problem is always Saturn and divorce or divorce-related difficulties.


If you haven’t written a diary, or if you don’t have a lot of “to-do lists,” think about breaks, enjoying life, and above all. Anyway, it’s the first decan. The second decan, Mars, arrives in your field of work and puts you at risk of change, you have to adapt. The third decan, born around September 21, you are in power, but use it sparingly.


When you’re still at home, the moon harmonizes with Venus and exercises your romantic or creative imagination. Either way, it’s a good time to anticipate the second decan. Also, if you have a relationship, your relationship can be more passionate at the moment. Enjoy a relatively quiet time before the sun enters Aries on the first decan, Monday. The third Deccan, born around 10/14, can cause great confusion in a family crisis.


The dissonance between Mars and Uranus upsets you a bit. The second decan will be active until next Saturday. Above all, do not make impulsive decisions, for example under the influence of anger, or because you want to make other “payments”. There is no first decan, aspect, but there may be some in the ascendant. Please consult. The third decan, Jupiter, starts on the good side and worries aren’t too disturbing.


As promised, there is only the good side of at least the first and second decans. The harmony between the Moon and Venus guarantees you a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. If you like the variety you are offered, the novelty is in the rendezvous. On the other hand, the dissonance between Venus / Mars and Uranus may force you to postpone something planned due to an event beyond your control.


Often people think you are indifferent to what’s happening around you, but that’s not true. You hide what you feel, but you are still sensitive. To be precise this weekend, you will be impressed by the fact that some are fighting around you and you will feel on a mission: prevent the conflict from getting worse. For many, you have the role of mediator and keep that in mind.


You will be particularly sensitive to the discord of Venus / Mars / Uranus, the second decan, and I am worried that you may be making a slightly impulsive and radical decision. You get sharp, and we can also imagine you risk clumsy gestures: watch out for knives. In the third Deccan, where Saturn is at home, the past may resurface, but in a different form. The first decan, apparently nothing to report.


Mercury, still in your second Deccan, is associated with Jupiter, the aspect of giving you permission, opening doors for you, and checking something for you. It is also in favor of your legal or administrative work and is a positive reaction. The first decan, today has no side, but don’t rethink and enjoy the present moment. The third Deccan, the Sun and Pluto, give you strengths you didn’t know you had.

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