Horoscope for Sunday, March 20, 2022

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Happy Birthday! I would like to start from 4:35 pm this year. The year that Jupiter promises to be lucky to arrive at your home on May 10. In some cases, this month of May marks the beginning of a new life, a new activity, or a company that is not always positive, but wholly invests. The second and third decans will be next year.


In the foreground of the Sun in Aries is your 12th sector. In short, you will be more sensitive to conflicts and aggression around you. You will not endure violence in any way and your first urge is flight. In addition, you will obviously be very sensitive to love and signs of love, you will need them more than usual.


A priori, you will understand the very dynamic and promising aspects of this Aries period. It will continue until April 20th. You are always directed to the future and your projects … These projects do have the condition that they can only be achieved if you have the potential to attract people around you. Perhaps you will need financial help, especially the first decan.


Aries manages your professional life and your responsibilities. There may be problems with each other’s authority, especially if you work in a family. This is common in cancer! However, during this Aries period (until April 20th), you may have to leave your family for professional or your own reasons.


When you use the sun as your ally, you need to have power in you and surpass yourself. Everything is in competition and if you come from the first decan you will win. It is true that Mars no longer opposes you and you no longer have an obstacle. The second decan, Mars and Venus, oppose each other: controversy, tension, as well as unrequited love can fall on you. The third decan, the problem is now coming from a partner.


Today’s stars illuminate the sectors related to your resources to be productive, earn more, or earn more of your business. The power of your work is appreciated by the people you work with, the first Deccan so far. Second Decan, your result is good, but you try to do even better. Don’t run out! The third decan born around 9/16, you’re a little lost …


Aries is a sign of opposition to you and your relationship with others and your partner. The sun gives priority to this area. The first decan is up to 30 days. Your marriage and association will be more important this week. The second decan, the Venus / Mars union, awakens your senses and your partner’s senses. The place where you are is hot! The third decan, born around 10/17, has no employment security.


Your field of work is now lit by the sun. It is in this area that you use your skills most often. But if you are looking for it, you can also find a job! The field of care can also be the foreground (1st Deccan). The second decan, as I said yesterday, is in a volatile situation, while the third decan, on the contrary, complains that nothing is going on and nothing is moving. I have.


It’s becoming an increasingly good friend, Aries only wants you. That said, it is rather you who you often want and find joy in your activities. You are pretty enterprising and very focused on temptation and the need to be loved, the first decan. The second decan is all fine. You are passionate about your current event and share it with your loved ones. Third decan, you can never be this serious!


With the influence of Aries, you will have to contend for everything, and nothing is easy. But you will tell me, it’s a story of your life. Yes, the first decan than ever. It will only last for a week, and you still have to make a lot of decisions. The second decan, the situation is tense and it happens around money. The third decan, money is also an issue, but it’s more likely to be missed than a fight.


The first decan, Aries, will be in charge and communication will be in the limelight until the 30th. You are passionate about the news and comment with your loved ones. If your idea isn’t extreme, everything will work, otherwise there is debate. The second decan, you are upside down, the situation is the most stressful in terms of money and love. Third Deccan, don’t be too isolated from others.


Only the Aries sun is looking at you now, this can encourage you to be generous with your money as much as you realize you are spending too much increase. You may have to decide to put a limit on yourself to save money (first decan). The second decan, Mercury and Jupiter are still combined, you have all the rights, or we give you them! The third decan, a little disillusioned?

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