Hothand Derby, Foil in Antony, Tennis in Champs … Sports Weekend in Ile de France

Le Parisien has provided a must-see selection of sporting events in Ile de France for several weeks before each weekend.

Weekend Poster: Ponto welcomes Ibury before the playoffs

handball. The curtain falls on the regular season of the Pro League (2nd Men’s Division) on the evening of Friday, May 20th (8:30 pm). The fate of the four participating Ile de France clubs is already known. Ivry (1st place before the match) guaranteed a rise at LiquiMoly Starligue for several weeks. Ponteau (3rd) will start the playoffs on Wednesday with the aim of accompanying his elite neighbor Val de Marnet. Tremblay (8th) and Massy (9th) are already on vacation and will be back at the same level next year. This Ponto-Ibury is nevertheless a gala poster that should lead to a great show!

At Liqui Moly Starligue, PSG continues to pursue crazy gambling that ends the season with many victories. The already-guaranteed capital players will go to Chartres (10th) on Sunday, May 22nd for their 26th success.

Event: Compiegne International

training. Dressage, the third major equestrian field after show jumping and general equestrian competition, is in the limelight from Friday to Sunday, May 20th at the magnificent Grand Parc Equestrian Stadium in the middle of the Forest of Compiegne.

The only French stop on the CDIO5 * FEI Nations Cup circuit, the Internationaux de Compiègne is one of the most important competitions in the world with 27 countries participating. Introducing the best French riders in the world rankings, and foreign legends such as Isabell Werth of Germany, or Briton Charlotte Dujardin, the most successful in history with multiple Olympic (7) and World (7) titles. .. World record holder.

Where it should be: Urban Tennis Champs Elysees

To celebrate the start of the final draw for the French Open on Sunday, May 22, everyone is invited to participate in Urban Tennis on the Champs Elysees and make an introduction to this activity available to everyone. I am. As part of the “Breathing in Paris” day, the most beautiful streets in the world will certainly be a complete pedestrian paradise.

On this occasion, eight 6 x 12 meter courts and three half-wall courts will be set up in the center of the Champs Elysees, between Galilee and Avenue George V. From 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, a suitable racket (21 inches), family, friends, or tourists have the opportunity to discover another way to play tennis.

Number: 11

basketball. A week after burning the Joker during a frustrating defeat at Feytiat (78-70), Thor will have to come to his senses for his final meeting at the final stage of Women’s National 1. .. Chris Singleton players can expect to reach League Two even if they win by a minimum of 11 points on the Monaco floor on Saturday, May 21st.

According to the singleton, Scéennes lost 57-67 in the first leg. Sceaux is a complex challenge as it evolves without leader Aminata Konaté (injured). “We know that the mission is not easy. I was told that there could be 1,000 people in the room, confess President Scene Jean-Marc Perez. But we candle in the church. And fight to the end to raise this handicap by 10 points, especially two years before the tournament in Paris, I hope to see the Ile-de-France team again in League Two. »»

Thor is the last Ile de France team to play in France’s premier women’s league during the 2001-2002 season. 20 years ago …

Continuing competition: Antony’s French Foil Championship

fencing. The Hauts-de-Seine Club will be hosting individual finals for the French Foil Championships (N 1, N 2, N 3) this weekend (starting Saturday at 8am, Eric Tabary Sports Complex, rue de l’Annapurna) and shifts (Sunday, 8am). Between the two stages of the World Cup, you have the opportunity to thank the best specialists on the planet. Some of them make up an outstanding French team at the Tokyo Games last summer (gold for boys, gold for girls).

Admission is free throughout the contest at the ticket office, which is set up only at the final stage from 6 pm Saturday to 3:30 pm Sunday.

Challenges to follow: Ris-Orangis Women’s Roller Hockey is aiming for the Europa League

The city of Essonne will host the 4th European Women’s Roller Hockey Club Cup at the Hallé Orchestra for three days from Friday to Sunday. Inline skating allows players from the best teams in France, Spain and Italy to experience extremely intense moments thanks to this sport, which combines agility, tactics, speed and team spirit.

After winning in Coup France, Ris-Orangis, the eight-time champion of France, the deputy champion of Europe in 2017-2018-2019, seeks to win the title of the continent. Three Phoenix players and their coach, Jean-Baptiste Dell’Olio, are the world champions of the French team. This requires dominating the Italians of Saint Medal, Verona and Civitavecchia, and the Spanish of Ruby and Tres Cantos. This Friday, the start of the tournament on May 20th, the final is scheduled for Sunday around 3pm.

Discovery: Integraslon, a bridge between sports for the healthy and disabled

The new edition of the Integra Slon, sponsored by Paris Terres d’Envol, will begin on Tuesday and continue until Sunday. Sponsored by Madeline Maronga, Sofyane Mehiaoui, the judo champion of the Olympic team and the leader of the French wheelchair basketball team, gathers healthy or disabled, temporary or professional athletes on the same sports ground.

The purpose of this event is to change people’s view of disability and make connections through the knowledge of others.

Integra Slon will have several public multi-activity centers on Saturday, May 21st, including Ones-Bois (Moulin-Nuf Stadium), Drancy (Augusto-Derone Gymnasium), Dunnie (Alan-Mimun Complex) and Villepinte (Sports). I am offering. Park Schwendi-Schoenebürk). More than 30 activities are discovered, from wheelchair basketball to trampolines to visually impaired soccer.

Madeleine Malonga I will be attending Dunnie on Saturday afternoon.

On Sundays, the hike departs from Canal de Luke in Sebran.Participants can do it with rollerblades, walks, bikes and even canoe kayaks (Register for free on the site or online at [email protected]).. For more information, please visit INTEGRATHLON.COM.


baseball. Division 1 (5th day, Sunday, 11am and 2pm). Pool A: MONTIGNY-LE-BRETONNEUX-Rouen (Janmarestal Stadium), PUC-Mets (Persing Stadium). Pool B: Nice-SENART.

basketball. One man off (Return to Quarterfinals): Lorient-Sergey Pontoise (Friday, 8 pm); La Rochelle-RUEIL (Friday, 8 pm). National 2 (Return to Semifinal): LEVALLOIS – Wasquehal (Outward Trip 63-63) (Saturday, 8 pm, Marcel-Cerdan Sports Hall), ALFORTVILLE – CRO Lyon (Outward Trip 62-65) (Sunday, 3 pm) When, Cosec Leo Lagrange). Women’s Nationwide 1 (Final stage, 4th and final day): Monaco – SCEAUX (Saturday 8pm). Women’s National 2 (Final stage, 4th and final day): Annemasse – ORLY (Saturday, 8 pm), Stade Francais – Kurnon.

handball.. Liqui Moly Star League (Day 26): Dunkirk-Cretail (Friday, 8 pm), Chartres- PSG (Sunday, 5 pm). Pro League (30th and last day, Friday 8:30 pm): PONTAULT-IVRY (Roger-Boisraméspace), TREMBLAY-Cherbourg (sports hall), Billère-MASSY.

rugby. Nationwide (Semi-final Round 1): Albi-MASSY (Sunday, 4:55 pm, L’Equipe TV).