How Didier Gailhage, the former president of the federation, returns behind the scenes

June 20, 2022 07:00

It was a candidacy for a woman unfamiliar with the mysteries of the federal government, carried by a man who spent his life maneuvering there. On Saturday, on the other side of Nathalie Pechalat, the head of the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG), who is aiming for a second term, Gwena Ernouri, the founder of the Lorient Club, which she chairs, will be held. Except that what the environment sees is especially his shadow. Didier Gailhage is characterized by a 20-year reign from 1998 to February 2020, the day he was pushed towards the exit following a sexual violence incident on skates. In recent weeks, 162 club presidents have called for a vote and it is he who has cultivated the land of Gwenael Nouriy.

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“When he came to see me at the end of April, he told me he had already seen 115.”Is related to Olivier Tomat from Orleans, USA, who discovered the character there, and is often portrayed as Almighty and even Machiavellian. impression? “I had a compassionate image of it. I had a good discussion and saw a fun politician. He didn’t take me away in his theory, but he had a lot of little little I wouldn’t be surprised if I took the club away. Obviously, we feel he’s there to be prime minister. »» Another president of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine League says she perceived at home “True desire for revenge”, Without imagining “This woman [Noury] You can operate it. ” “But maybe I’m naive.”, She will add soon. Interesting details, the first page of the Challenger’s program uses the same graphics as those of Gailhaguet in his last campaign in 2018.

River and ferocious letter

The former boss of the FFSG continues to be a symbolic victory. In January, he ordered the state to pay € 5,000 for non-monetary damage, a Parisian administrative court pointed out. “Decisive pressure” Force the resignation of Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu. Therefore, he will decide to make a double blow by his agent through the ballot box. But he denies it and minimizes it: “I have nothing to say about the elections, I left federal life. I was going to stop by after the Montpellier World. [en mars].. However, the worst sports minister of the Fifth Republic decided another way and it was difficult to swallow. When I won the court, many asked me to come back. But I’m not a candidate. »»

The new FFSG law, adopted in a major struggle in October 2020, limits the term of office of the president to three and, in fact, prohibits him from returning to the president. But what about an influential position, general manager or general secretary under President Nurie? “Absolutely excluded”He guarantees.

Please do not make any mistakes. At the age of 68, Gale Hugget still knows how to chew a calf. On June 6, he split a ferocious letter to the river and the club president and bounced off an email from Nathalie Pechalat to the same three days ago. “Past mistakes”..Excerpt from now on “Answer to President Madam that the whole world envy us” (This is the title): “Madame, you have a bitter sentence, but soft action […].. Carefully look for weak connections in the face of the organizational, financial, and sporting disasters that accompany your departure as you leave. […] Yes, without pretending to be, the federation worked much better in my time! […] No one has seen you in the field for the last two years. In fact, like daffodils, you can only try to magnify your images on social networks and TV. […]»»

“Trojan horse”

By involving such activity in the debate, Gailhaguet runs the risk of pushing Gwenaëlle Noury ​​into the background. He’s already starting with notoriety-even her opponents didn’t know her. If her profile can sympathize with fellow club presidents who have expressed a feeling of being abandoned at the heart of the pandemic, the teacher is roaming around with an interesting label for her entry into the scene. “She is a Trojan horse of the former president, Slice Nathalie Péchala and I also have compassion for her. This election is basically considered the duel Pechalat with Gale Hugget first. And the danger is to see it come back exactly, reminding us of the excesses we know between personal promises, corruption issues and sexual violence. Many private partners told me that in this case they would commit suicide. »»

Prefering to stick to off-screen postures, Gailhaguet refuses the role of the environment to see him play: “I heard about this doll, but it has nothing to do here. Gwen Nouri felt the urge to introduce himself long before contacting me. She’s a big girl, she. Can protect themselves. »» In any case, she didn’t respond to our request.