How is the resumption of the epidemic in France explained?

Domestic pollution has increased by 36% since the vaccination pass and indoor masks were abandoned a week ago.

Inevitable epidemic recovery? Only a week after the end of the indoor mask and the health pass in France, certain Covid-19 indicators are worried. According to health officials, the daily average of seven days of pollution to mitigate daily shocks surged 36% nationwide from 86,022 on Saturday and 65,251 a week ago to 89,002 this Sunday. ..

At the same time, the number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 has continued to decline over the week, with 20,566 patients on Sunday concerned about 20,917 a week ago.

In the field, this increase in pollution has been noted by medical professionals. On BFMTV, Nice pharmacist Sabine Yazbeck said, “I had few positives for a month, once or twice a week, so I went back a couple of times a day.”

“Currently, the hospital has 10 Covid beds, which are almost always in use,” explains Dr. Matteo Vassallo, MD, head of the infectious disease department at the Cannes Hospital Center, with an antenna.

Multiple factors

Several factors may be involved in explaining this recovery. Initially, if the government actually indicated March 14 as the deadline for lifting some compulsory health measures, French people expected these and a few days ago, including the location inside where the mask was. May still be imposed on the mitigation.

The start of the academic year in Zone B, which corresponds to the region with the highest incidence in the country, may also have played a role. In these areas, Covid-19 infection rates are combined with influenza infection rates, and their incidence is also increasing. As a reminder, only 5% of children are vaccinated against Covid-19 nationwide.

The resumption of this contamination is also explained by the infectivity of the BA.2 mutant of Omicron. It is slightly more contagious than the BA.1 variant, but still of the same severity, and the current vaccination range remains effective against it.

When it comes to immunization, the focus should be on the most vulnerable French, including those with medical conditions, the elderly, or immunocompromised people at the end of immunity.

The High Authority for Health (HAS) has proposed a fourth government-approved vaccination for patients over the age of 80 or in nursing homes. The same authorities have submitted a request to increase this booster dose to people over the age of 65 who suffer from multiple lesions.

Alert government

Did the government move too fast to accept the end of the indoor mask? Scientific groups are controversial on this issue, and when someone like Professor Gilles Pialoux evokes a “political decision,” others argue for the psychological side of this measure.

For them, as in the case of influenza, it is possible that they are heading towards a cyclical infection of Covid-19, which rises annually during the winter months.

“The Pasteur Institute predicts that the hospital wave will be calm. About half of the population has already encountered Omicron. In fact, the population’s acquired immunity is large from a serious form of illness. Enough to protect many, “confirmed on BFMTV Dr. Bruno Megavane, head of the intensive care unit at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris.

In an interview given to ParisianOlivier Véran, Minister of Health, denies making prior decisions motivated by the imminent arrival of the presidential election.

“If a new variant threatens us, we’ll act soon, whether in a presidential election or not!” He assures that the BA.2 variant is also “very contagious.” “. Still, according to the minister, a decline in “April” is expected.

“For two years, the government has always made solid decisions when needed,” LREM leader Christoph Castanel insisted on the BFMTV-RMC this Monday morning.

Hugo Septier and Alain Ducardone