How pressure is rising for Leroy Merlin to stop working in Russia

“Stop selling to Russia.” This is a message posted by an employee to Leroy Merlin’s Instagram account in Ukraine on Monday, March 21st.This accompaniesA link to an online petition asking DIY brand parent company Adeo to end its activities in Russia. Ukrainian officials have also criticized the French group for not closing stores in Russia, which carries out 18% of its global activities. A request that is now resonating in France after the Kyiv shopping center was bombed. Franceinfo explains how the group managed by the Mulliez family (owners of Auchan and Decathlon) is at the center of the dispute.

Kyiv bombed mall

It all starts Around 10:45 pm on Sunday, March 20, a huge shopping center “Retro Building” with a brand store in northwestern Kyiv was hit by an airstrike. “Leroy Merlin Became the first company in the world to fund the bombing of its stores and the killing of its employees. “, Condemned the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Opened in early 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Retro Building has 250 stores. There were few windows or bay windows around this temple of consumption to escape the explosion of the explosion. At least eight people were killed in the bombing, according to a preliminary official report from the Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the mall was functioning as a weapons and ammunition depot.

Elected officials criticize the brand’s “cynicism”

On Twitter mMembers of the Ukrainian Parliament challenge a French company in a video posted on Monday.. “People have died here. These videos could have some impact on your decision to continue paying taxes in Russia and fund what’s happening here.”Protest against Oleksiy Goncharenko.

Before this strike, Articles from telegram (In English)MeFrench groups have already been accused of benefiting from the Ukrainian invasion.. “This kind of company has no moral rights to exist. The hypocrisy and ridicule of how they make money is daunting. Ukrainian children because they are okay to get rich. Please shed our blood. “Ukrainian parliamentarian told Britain every day..

Call for closure in Russia doubles

On Monday, March 21, an employee of Leroy Merlin in Ukraine asks the group and other signs of the Mulliez family (Auchan and Decathlon) on Instagram: “Stop selling to Russia”.. Or “”Will rob the invaders of the opportunity to raise money. ” Russian attack on Ukraine, Specifies a petition posted in connection with a publication.

On its website, Leroy Merlin claims 36,000 employees operating in Russia in 107 hypermarkets and 62 cities. In 2020, Leroy Merlin declared sales of € 4.2 billion there. Therefore, Russia is the second largest market for brands after France. In addition, Leroy Merlin’s holding company, Adeo, achieved total sales of € 22.3 billion in Russia in 2020. Therefore, more than 18% of its activities are carried out domestically.

Disputation wins the hexagon

In France, next to the sign is a radio prayer. With a question from AFP, the communication between Adeo and Leroy Merlin didn’t want to react. Annoying silence for Leroy Merlin’s CFTC union representative Jean-Marc Cicuto.This one I told myself “Very angry” vis à vis In his direction.. “Even within the company, I’m angry that the company is in deep silence.He said in franceinfo.

So far, only Decathlon, a brand also managed by the Mulliez family, “Frozen” On-site activities “Please do not publish” Its 150 employees “In a situation that does not fully guarantee their safety”.. Auchan requested by AFP “Calling for peace in this area” No further comments.