How the war in Ukraine returns Denmark to Europe

March 23, 2022 3:21 pm

Between the Defense Council on Monday and the NATO Summit on Thursday, the PFUE agenda is European defense. At the summit of Versailles, Emmanuel Macron rejoiced: “Denmark has made a historic choice, offering the public the possibility of returning to European security and defense projects.» » The war in Ukraine has returned strategic sovereignty and autonomy to the center of the debate, but the Danish referendum on June 1 will focus on Danish sovereignty.

1992: The tragic year of the war in former Yugoslavia. It is characterized by the differences between Europeans and the helplessness of the European Union. In contrast, for Danes, this year is a magical year to win the euro. In this atmosphere, they voted 50.7% against the Maastricht Treaty. The result was a shock. thanks to” National compromise »Denmark has found a new coalition place without citizenship, euro, justice, domestic affairs and defense policy.These are four opt out Danish in the EU.

The attachment to the European Union among Danes has long been the best

Thirty years later, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought war to Europe. A war that destroys our security and stability. To the surprise of many, the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen changed course, ” National compromise The response of 1992. Recommendations for strengthening defense capacity and budget, and ending defense opt-out by referendum.

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In Denmark, the campaign has already started on the no side. This is not the first time Denmark has tried to remove an opt-out, so the majority of governments are more cautious and have good reason. Two referendums have already been held, the euro and the judicial and internal policy. And while polls predicted positive votes, in both cases the Danes decided to keep the national exception.

Still, I couldn’t expect to put an end to a better political context.opt out defense. The expansion of the EU into 10 eastern countries in 2004 was the birth of a new European sensation. This feeling is manifested in our eyes today by the moving general support of Europeans for Ukraine, which has become a neighbor of all by its agents. Also from Denmark. In addition, in the aftermath of Brexit, polls show that Denmark’s attachment to the European Union has long been at its peak.

A serious and dedicated partner in security and defense

in the end, Frederiksen, especially unknown in pro-European speeches, may be the right person to change public opinion. By avoiding the Euroblissful campaign, which tends to turn into a vague political decision made by Eurocrat in Denmark in the Danish imagination, Frederiksen is free to use the three arguments with considerable impressive power. It came to be.

Instead of talking Of influence The Danish acquisition in Brussels will make it easier for Danes to accept more efficient use of resources.Legal analysis of the scope ofopt out It wastes a lot of resources, but it also wastes time when the work to protect national interests is carried out by other European countries.

The second argument is the consistency argument. Beyond the EU context, Denmark is a serious and devoted partner in terms of Danes’ security and defense, and in the eyes of their neighbors. Denmark participates in bilateral or multilateral initiatives, such as the European Intervention Initiative launched by President Macron. Does this commitment prove that Danes are obsessed with European defense cooperation?

Finally, Maastricht’s No was a call for autonomy. In the Danish imagination, European defense has resulted in operations outside the EU, or a pool of personnel for the European army – especially as we have NATO, they said. Today, it is a matter of protecting Europe from the inside, which requires huge investment in cutting-edge technology in common defense capabilities. This is strategic autonomy.

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This referendum is a historic opportunity for Denmark, the only country in Denmark. opt out About defense. And for the EU, by sending a symbolic message to Putin, it will show that it is more united in the face of external attacks.

However, the dice have not been thrown yet. The potential impact of the next three months of political events should not be underestimated among the progress of Russia’s aggression, refugees and even ambitious plans for the defense of Europe. .. Danes know how to say no.