How the world of sports opposes Russia all at once

From the withdrawal of the Champions League final to the expression of much support for the Ukrainian people, the sports world is also fighting Vladimir Putin’s Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

Like a symbol. Brother Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are two of the main faces of the war between Ukraine and Russia. The two former boxing stars have been at the forefront since Vladimir Putin ordered his army to invade his neighbors. To that extent, the world of sports has also been mobilized against Russia. Since the beginning of the conflict, athletes and federations have acted to show their opposition to the war. One of the strongest fell on Friday, the day after the invasion of Ukraine.

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C1 final, Sochi GP … Russia has been robbed of sporting events

The UEFA have robbed St. Petersburg of the Champions League final. One of the major sporting events of the year moved to Stade de France in Saint-Denis on the same day, May 28th. A few hours later, it’s F1’s turn to take an important step in canceling the Russian Grand Prix from the season calendar. The race was scheduled to take place in Sochi on September 25th. Like Formula One, the International Ski Federation has canceled all upcoming events in Russia. Same as above of the International Gymnastics Federation. “No more FIG events will be assigned to Russia or Belarus until further notice,” the group said. At Biathlon, the International Biathlon Union has announced its intention to involve Russian and Belarusian athletes in organized events, but as neutral athletes.

Has Russia been excluded from Qatar’s World Cup?

The Russian boycott is also the reality of volleyball, at least in League of Nations games. No decision has been made on the World Championships to be held in Russia from August 26th to September 11th, but the French team of Olympic champions has already announced that they will not go to Russia or Ukraine. There is. “The safety of our athletes is our priority,” said Federal President Eric Tanguy on Saturday.

More generally, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is usually hesitant to comment on geopolitics, has requested the Global Association of International Sports Federation to cancel or relocate planned events in Russia or Belarus. .. He also does not raise the flags of these two countries and demands that he not play the national anthem.

Following the Olympic movement, FIFA also needs to manage sensitive files. According to The Telegraph, Britain is reportedly pushing Russia’s exclusion from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but Poland will be happy with star Robert Lewandowski on March 24th. Announced that it refused to fire in Moscow, Russia. Potential Russian enemies in the next match, the Swedes and the Czech Republic, have also announced that they will not face them. We are waiting for the reaction of international organizations.

Will Gazprom Save the Dollar Immediately?

Sports opposition to Vladimir Putin is also evident in strong measures at the economic level. In Germany, D2 club Schalke have removed their sponsor Gazprom from their shirts. Less iconic, the Russian gas giant, UEFA’s main economic partner, weighs 40 million euros a year in favor of European organizations. The decision to terminate this contract is scheduled for this week.

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea and close to Putin, has announced that he will resign after being hit by measures against the oligarchs. The Russian president is also personally sanctioned by the world of sports. This Sunday, he was suspended from his duties as Honorary Chairman and Ambassador of the International Judo Federation. Finally, there are countless gestures and messages of support from athletes for the Ukrainian people. One of the most moving was at Etihad Stadium on Saturday, when Manchester City fully supported Ukraine’s international Oleksandr Zinchenko after threatening Vladimirputin on social media.