How to donate from Brittany to Ukrainians? -Ukraine-Russian War

List of priority items
Many generous Bretons consider offering clothes to Ukrainians above all else. But their needs go far beyond that. Citizen Protection has listed all the items that will help them, especially if they need to spend time in a refugee camp.

Thermal blankets, sleeping bags, throws, mattresses, pillows. Shower gel, toothpaste and brushes, diapers, paper towels, preservatives, alcohol, reusable and disposable masks. Clothing, tents, cribs, microfiber towels, reusable tableware sets. Batteries, candles, pine lights; foods: water, ready-to-eat foods, energy bars, dried fruits, nuts, jams, pasta, instant cereals.

Donations to Secours populaire

Secourspopulaire français called for donations to the victims of the war in Ukraine. They can be sent by check to federations of different departments. By mentioning the emergency Ukraine behind the check, “designated this Monday, the Côtes-d’Amour Federation. Donations can also be made online from the Secours populaire website.

Online donations through UN agencies

If you wish, you can make a donation through UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-Ukraine Emergency). Donations can be made online from the agency’s official website.

Also for civil protection and the Red Cross

Monetary donations can be made via the Civil Protection website ( or bank transfer (Iban: FR76 1027 8005 9800 0201 6430 684-BIC: CMCIFR2A. Owner: FNPC Tour Essor, 14, rue Scandicci, 93500 Pantin ). Other organizations and associations, such as the Red Cross, are also working to support Ukraine. Donations can be made from

Finistere donation collection

Anastasia Meller struggles between Brest and Landerneau

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Anastasia Meller from Landerneau and working in Brest has been collecting donations. She keeps them in her home and in her recruiter. Already dozens of people have sleeping bags, floor mats, medicines (10×10+ surgical bandages, sterile bandages, bandages, bandages, betadine, disinfectants, paracetamol, ibuprofen, fervex, anti-diarrhea, 5 ml syringes, surgical use Gloves) are left.

The second convoy will leave Brest on Sunday, March 6th and should be full this Wednesday. In addition to the above items, the delivery of winter clothes is also an issue.

Without reinforcements, Anastasia Meller is in immediate danger of being overwhelmed. Other storage locations have been suggested by Landerneau’s San Sebastian High School, Guipavas’ Laganget, and Milizac’s Irowers modified van. “” We need to find a semi-trailer and even a bus that can take donations and volunteers to the Ukrainian border and bring refugees back in return … we will soon need support for this transportation part, “he says. increase.

Drugs sought after in Douarnenez

Cécile Dulu-Martin, a nurse and city council member, is calling on her colleagues to collect disinfectants, sterile gloves, bandages and disinfectants. Contact: Cécile Dulu-Martin (02 98 51 22 73)

The Fraternité Douarnenez Collective provided its grounds (under La Poste, on the parking side entrance) so that citizens could take off their blankets and warm clothes. Volunteers attend daily from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Donations at Camper City Hall

In Camper, the city council has shown that residents can donate to the reception of the city hall and the annex of the city hall.

Collection at Pont-Aven City Hall

In connection with the protection of citizens and the operation of the French Mayor’s Assembly, the Pont-Aven municipality organizes a collection of basic necessities that can be dropped onto the city hall during business hours.

Donation collection points in Concarneau

Through an operation established by the United States Conference of Mayors and the Civil Protection Association, a room in the sea garden, the nautical center “Espace Gaikotten” (rear access, Quai de la Croix). March 3 (Thursday), March 4 (Friday), March 7 (Monday), March 8 (Tuesday) 9 am to 1 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm Open until minutes and from 9am on Saturday, March 5th.Until 1 pm

Donation to Melak until Saturday

Melak City Hall also organizes a collection of basic essentials. Donations will be brought to the city hall by 5 pm on Saturday, March 5th, as the departure for refugees is scheduled for the next day.

Cotes d’Amour donation collection

Call for donations from the Franco-Polish Association of Saint-Brieuc

After calling for donations of supplies, the Franco-Polish Association of Saint-Brieuc will begin calling for financial donations to transport the vast number of boxes collected since Monday to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland. ..

The kitten went online this Wednesday morning. Purpose: Raise more than 3,000 euros to pay the carrier. The extra money will be redistributed to the site association. The collected goods will be shipped to the border early next week.

Pléneuf-Val Andre’s collection until Friday

The city of Pléneuf-Val Andre has participated in a collection of donations sponsored by the Franco-Polish Alliance Côtes d’Amall Valmia Mazury to attract the attention of Ukrainian refugees. She is looking for basic essentials. Bath towels, hygiene products (soap, shampoo, tissue, hygiene protection), toothbrushes, toothbrushes (including children), biscuits, canned foods, serial bars, long shelf life foods, kit first aid, children’s pajamas, sleeping bags , Blankets, bandages, disinfectants. Collection will continue in the Gemadec Room Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm and Friday from 11 am to 12 pm.

Dinant Solidarity Firefighters Collection

Three French NGOs, Aides Actions Internationales Firefighters (AAIP), Pompier de l’urgence internationale France and Firefighters Humanitarian Missions, launch solidarity operations with Ukraine to deliver basic necessities to refugee camps in Romania and Poland. To do.

Tiphaine Coupel, a volunteer firefighter nurse and member of AAIP in Dinant, is planning a collection in Dinant until Friday, March 4th. She explains: “We don’t want to collect clothes, but basic perishable necessities and hygiene items such as lamps, batteries, soap, baby diapers, menstrual napkins, duvets, etc. are not sent to the theater. But it helps improve life in refugee camps. “

Morbihan Donation Collection

Lorient’s country was mobilized

In collaboration with the protection of citizens, under the initiative of the French Mayor’s Conference, the municipality is mobilizing to set up a collection of basic essentials. This national initiative has already been featured in several cities in Breton, including Lorient and its sectors. From Monday to Friday, it is already possible to deposit donations at CCAS or Caudan City Hall. Until Friday, March 4th, at the City Hall of An Giang Zack Rocristo. The donation will then be sent to Lorient. The city of Lorient also responded to this call. Donations can be withdrawn from the front yard and the Hall of Fame side from Monday to Friday, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

In Ploué, optician Arnaud Le Gentil and his Ukrainian wife Yulia have set up an association called “United for Ukraine” with the goal of collecting basic necessities. Couples are looking for a place to store them before they can collect donations.

Kergroise’s harbor community, Marin’accueil Association, and dockworkers are also calling for donations and participation in their movement. Products will be dropped off to local harbor workers or Maison Accuille at 30 Jacques Cartier Boulevard.

At Callan, donations can be brought to the City Hall until Friday, March 4th. On the Guidel side, bins will be installed in CCAS from Tuesday, March 1st. All donations are made through the Embassy of Ukraine in Paris.

The municipality of Hennebon is also associated with this collection of basic necessities. Donations can be brought to the city hall until Friday, March 4th.

Kraco opens a collection space

Upon receiving a call from the French Mayor’s Conference, the city of Kraco decided to open a collection site in Espace Les Chenes. Donations will be dropped off from Thursday, March 3rd to Thursday, March 10th (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm, and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

In Bo, solidarity is organized

Mayor Pascal Gillette called for donations of hygiene products. “The product will be brought to the city hall until Thursday, March 10. A register has been set up in the city hall for temporary refugees and volunteers who wish to do so,” said an elected official. Announced.

Il Evilene Donation Collection

Privileged donations to Saint-Malo

The city of Saint-Malo is very cautious when it comes to collecting donations. There is no doubt that you will stack blankets, clothing and other groceries. In addition, on this side, civil protection instructions are very strict (see above). Social Cohesion Assistant Sophie Pirot-Leprizé will contact Civil Protection 35 and Food Bank to make room available. She says, “The city is not intended to collect, we will specify elected officials. Donations should be prioritized.

Some collections of Renne

Since last week, the City Hall of Rennes has been working with the Solidarite Brittany-Ukrainian Group and the All-Behind Ukrainian Association, which is working to support the Ukrainian people. Rooms on the Moulin du Comte site are now available for storing and packing collected donations. On Tuesday, March 8, the first 20 m³ truck available to the All Behind Ukraine Association departs Rennes and arrives in Paris, where goods are transported to the Polish border by organizations such as the Civil Protection and the Red Cross.

PCF 35 has also launched a solidarity collection on the grounds of 30rue Louis Hémon to support the Ukrainian population. All collected products will be handed over to Secours Populaire Français, who is in charge of transportation.

Dinar collection until March 18th

The Dunant Room (next to Gardiner Hospital) organizes a collection of perishable foods, basic necessities (such as hygiene), medicines, warm clothing and blankets. Permanents will be offered by CCAS and Dinardaise Charity volunteers this Wednesday from 2 to Friday, March 18, and from Monday to Friday (9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm). The collection will also be held from 9am to 1pm on Saturday, March 5th and Saturday, March 12th.