How to quickly restore muscles? Our top 5 sports do good for you! It’s like this!

Back pain is more and more widespread as I spend hours sitting in a professional setting. Contrary to what is generally believed, you have to keep moving and do sports activities so that it doesn’t get worse. However, it remains to choose your sport well to strengthen your muscles and overcome your pain. How to build your back? We have 5 solutions for you!

Which sport to practice to restore muscle 2022

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, back pain is increasing with the advent of telework. However, even if you have back pain, physical activity is highly recommended. Nevertheless, certain rules need to be respected to avoid the risk of highlighting pain. First, you need to warm up before each session. Next, you need to perform the movement step by step, while respecting the rhythm. Ideally, with the help of a coach who can provide appropriate advice on gestures and postures to avoid injury.


Backache Yoga 2022 Sports

It is an area that consists of working on posture, maintaining a certain degree of flexibility, and performing breathing techniques. However, experts recommend that you do not force your back during certain stretching exercises. This is because it does not emphasize pain. Similarly, it’s a good idea to follow videos on the internet and avoid practicing yoga at home. Instead, choose a class with a trainer who knows how to correct your posture. In addition, he can advise you to avoid injury.

Swimming and underwater aerobics

Build your back in swimming 2022

Need to present the benefits of swimming? Indeed, playing sports underwater reduces the weight and sensation of weight. Back crawls are especially indicated in the case of back pain. It is the stroke that best respects the body’s natural curvature and strengthens the abdominal straps and spinal muscles. Breaststroke is not recommended. It bites into the back and causes pain.

Underwater aerobics for back pain 2022

Similarly, aqua gym or aqua bike classes offer exercises to strengthen your back muscles. Therefore, they are also excellent assets for reducing back pain. That’s a good reason to get started, right? Finally, it is advisable to avoid aquatic activities that require abrupt and too fast movements, such as water polo and diving.

Cycling for back pain 2022

Cycling is a good option for back pain. Use a VTC (all-road bike) or electric bike to lean forward towards the handlebars, curl your back and keep your head out. These models allow a seating position with a fairly straight back.

Efficacy of Elliptical Trainer for Back Pain 2022

Similarly, elliptical trainers are especially indicated for back pain. Indeed, in this sport you can keep your back straight and have a smooth stay. In addition, it strengthens your back and leg muscles.


Walking sports for back pain 2022

When it comes to back pain, there’s nothing new in the sun. Walking only benefits you. First of all, it’s a simple sport that doesn’t require any special equipment. In addition, walking can strengthen your back muscles and your posture muscles. To put all the benefits on your side, avoid wearing a backpack during activities. Similarly, choose a short, regular outing instead of a long three-hour ride.

Sports to walk against back pain in 2022

Be careful not to walk too long on the same line. Instead, take small, fast steps to avoid overloading your lower back. Our last pretty important advice: shoes. Choose them with small heels to cushion your steps. The heel cup should not be too high to avoid the risk of twisting your ankle. Let’s go!

How to build your back? Let’s dance now!

The benefits of dancing for the 2022 back

Dance is a combination of strengthening muscles and maintaining flexibility. These two benefits significantly reduce back pain. Introducing dances that you like to solve your worries, such as ballroom dance, classical dance, and modern jazz. On the other hand, avoid African dances that can hurt your lower back and neck muscles. It’s a good excuse to take some lessons, right?