Human Padel Open: 10,000 people on the stand, high-level set, warm atmosphere: great success on the Toulouse stage

After seeing more than 10,000 spectators in five days at the Andre Bull at Sports Palace, the first Toulouse Padel Open just closed the door.

40 ° in the shade, 10,000 spectators, 20,000 water distribution … The first edition of the Human Padel Open in Toulouse is remembered. Sunday, June 19th ended the French stage of this important first event, the World Padel Tour, in France.

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The successful bet that started a few months ago is Robin Haziza, a former player and director of the Toulouse tournament. “First of all, the results are very exceptional in some respects,” he rejoices. It was a popular success, we far exceeded all expectations in terms of attendance. The entire local economic structure then benefited, and from a sports perspective, competition was at a great level. »»

All players wanted to salute, not to mention the atmosphere inside the André Brouat Sports Palace.

Two high level finals

Franco Stupaczuk of Argentina was the first to take advantage of this atmosphere. Alongside the tournament’s best player and his Brazilian friend Pablo Lima, the tournament winner has become the beloved of the Toulouse masses. Thanks to his spectacular gestures and incredible relaxation, “Stupa” (12th in the world) conquered Palade Sport and pushed his opponent to 2nd, but still acted as a scarecrow.

Winner of the Human Padel Open.

Winner of the Human Padel Open.
DDM-Michel Viara

The pair of Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron (1st and 2nd in the world) did not resist many strokes of the genius from South Americans (7-6, 6-4).

On the girls’ side, the world’s best player, Alejandr Salazar, moved up the ranks with his teammate Jema Triay. At the end of a very close meeting, Salazar and his depreciation launched the noisy Palais de Sport Toulouse.

Alejandr Salazar (left) and Jema Triay won the women's lottery.

Alejandr Salazar (left) and Jema Triay won the women’s lottery.
DDM-Michel Viara

Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, on the other hand, did better than resisted, forcing their opponents to go to a tiebreaker after the first set, which lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes. However, they were psychologically disrupted in the face of repeated attacks from their Spanish compatriots (7-6, 6-4).

“We are in another world. I have never seen a conference at this level,” we heard at the stand. As if to test the success of this Toulouse version, which requires others, a little more.

“We exceeded expectations”

The director of Human Padel Open Robin Haziza got this first edition.

Can you imagine you being happy at the end of this first Padel Open in France?

Even if there is always something to improve, there are only positive ones. But first, the results are very exceptional in some respects. It was a popular success, we far exceeded all expectations in terms of attendance. Excluding those who participated in the qualifying, 10,000 people passed the Palade Sports in the five-day competition. And I think it’s the composition of the palace, the feel it brings, and the young and dynamic Padel DNA that pleased many.

The worst could have been expected, especially with heat waves …

This is how much success exists. The stadium is full, although there is a unique heat wave. We have taken the necessary steps: unlimited distribution of water bottles, shaded areas …

Can I rely on this edition to repeat my experience?

That’s clearly the goal, yes. There was a lot of good feedback from the elected officials. Last but not least, I sincerely hope that this event will be sustainable in Toulouse. There is a great party every year, which benefits the whole region. We signed for two years, so if the community follows us, we’ll be there next year as well.