Human Padel Open: Celebrities also attended the Padel Party

Disciplined believers easily recognize it, and many stars from the world of sports and culture have contributed significantly to its development. As a bystander at the Human Padel Open, a celebrity also hit the ball on Friday, June 17th.

Colomiers’ 4Padel complex first hosted a qualifying round for the Human Padel Open and then hosted a celebrity tournament beside the main tournament currently being held at Sports Palace. Despite the Red Heat Wave Alert, the tournament was maintained and the fact that it was indoors made it possible, even if the air was very heavy at the 8 pitches of the Colmerin Complex.

French handball legends Thierry Omeier and Jerome Fernandez, along with former soccer players Dominique Alibage, Olivier Dacourt, Floransina Mapongole, former Stade Toulousain, Gregory Lambory and Tarbes group singer Florandask. I responded to this call. air”. Only Cyril Hanuna is missing. This was what Olivier Dacourt reminded him with humor in the video at the start of the tournament. »»
The principle is simple: a group of 4 teams and a group of 3 teams compete in a mini-championship. The team consists of celebrities and professional French Padel players. The two group winners will face each other in a parede sport between the two men’s semifinals around 3 pm today.

Show on and off

The scene is set and the time of the game. In the first match, the two original glory of French handball face each other, and former expert goalkeepers appreciate Wink. We knew each other from the bottom of our hearts and were playing with Jerome. There are many ways to play, especially from the sports practiced by these former professionals. “As a former goalkeeper, it’s a great help for reflexes, especially on the spot, but forehand is also good,” says Thierry Omeier.

Promoted and leveled up by the presence of the best French players. “We don’t play hard. It’s normal. There are gaps as well, but frankly we’re having fun. I played my first match against Jerome Fernandez. But he’s playing really well and it’s cool because of the high level, “emphasis on France’s number one Benjamin Tyson.

The show is comfortable and the atmosphere is good for the few spectators who bravely faced the heat, especially at the end of the afternoon. The celebrities were very accessible and merciful, and we were all able to enjoy Olivier Dacourt’s “show”. The former midfielder of the French team is a very guest and joker in addition to having an excellent racket. “We’re laughing because they’re all guests like all sportsmen. It’s fun to play with sports legends. The palm goes to Olivier Dacourt. Olivier Dacourt puts in. I won’t stop the chamber without it (laughs), “Benjamin Tyson adds. Loan for repayment.

“It’s hot, it’s a killer, but hey, it’s the sport that wants it, you have to play at temperature, even indoors. But hey, we’re having fun. Sweats a lot, drinks a lot, runs a lot, which is very good, and there is a good level, “says Dominique Alibage, a former TFC player and coach. Despite the heat, everyone held and completed a three-hour tournament. I am very happy to be able to meet again around a very cold glass before leaving for Palade Sport to see the last match of the day.

This Saturday, June 18th, in the final, the team of Thierry Omeier and Benjamin Tyson will oppose the team of Gregory Lambory and Tibaud Peche. Both won the pool.