Human Padel Open: “Toulouse is soon the best in the world!” Two Padel Stars, Toulouse, are preparing for a big event in June next year.

Charlotte Soubrié and Bastien Blanqué are from Toulouse and are licensed at Stade Toulousain Tennis. They are one of the best French players and are preparing to host the first stage of the World Padel Tour in their city.

From June 13th to 19th, the World Padel Tour will be held for the first time in Toulouse, France. Pink City is the home of some of the best French people in the field, including Stade Toulousain-approved Bastian Blanche and Charlotte Subrier. Cross interview.

As Toulouse participating in a Toulouse tournament, does it inspire you?

Bastian Blank: That’s great for me. Since I started in Blagnac, there were some small tournaments in Cote d’Azur, but otherwise there was a pro circuit in Spain. It’s great to have a stage on the World Padel Tour in Toulouse as the sport is becoming international and global. There are some of the best players in the world coming to our sports palace. I am very proud of it. Ambition is to go as far as possible, after all it’s a stage like others, you have to earn points. After that, of course, my friends and the whole family will come to see me playing. It adds something more.

Charlotte Soubrie: Yes, I want to participate. It’s in my city. Of course I want to. For now, we still don’t know at which table we will be competing in the tournament. I’m not ranked to go straight there. There are qualifications and wildcards (invitation cards).

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How did you discover Padel?

CS: I played tennis first. Padel, who happened to find it five years ago, had a tournament at Capitol Square. Stade Toulousain is working there and I have a friend who was asked to join. I stepped into it and never left.

BB: I discovered it in Blagnac very long ago. There was a tennis complex that you could try. After that, I continued to play tennis and, above all, played a lot of soccer. At the age of 14, I started Padel again with my family. I loved it so I continued. I have progressed and have lived there for 5 years in Madrid.

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What did you like

CS: For me, it’s a playful collective aspect. I’ve been playing tennis for years and you’re alone. With two of us, it’s much easier to access than tennis. You can enjoy it much faster than tennis.

BB: It’s fun, it’s open to all audiences. It’s a fun and very spectacular sport. There is a way to really enjoy it.

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You are a high-level athlete in developing sports, how has this changed your daily life?

CS: I work on the side. I have a high level of sportswoman status, so I have a flexible time. For me, harmonizing my sport with my work is very suitable for me. I’m 33 years old, so it’s complicated to quit my job to get 100% Padel. I play, train and enjoy at a good level, and it’s very good. Bastian is still young (laughs).

BB: I had to go to Spain to become a professional padel player, so I went there five years ago because there were structures, coaches and clubs in Madrid. Being a professional in France is complicated, so I’ll do it little by little. For now, I’m training there every morning and every afternoon. I have tournaments on professional and French circuits and I am currently making a living thanks to my sponsors. The prizes are pretty low, but when you are one of the best French, you are lucky to have a good sponsor.

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What do you think about the evolution of this sport?

BB: There are a lot of top athletes out there, including public figures like Cyril Hanuna. Great for sports. You can make progress at any age. For example, a former soccer player who finished his career at the age of 35 may find it fun to play with friends, make progress, or take part in high-level competitions.

CS: That’s exactly it, Bastian said it all, we can see the enthusiasm it’s taking on social networks, it’s working really well, it’s viral.

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Human Padel Open: Practical Information

International men’s and women’s tournament on the Circuit World Padel Tour.

date :

June 13th and 14th: Qualifying Phase at 4Padel Toulouse-Colomiers

June 15-19: Main draw at Palais des Sports André Brouat

Matches from 9:30 am to night session (10 pm to 10:30 pm)

Key number :

  • 120 World Elite Players
  • Top 10 Men and Women in World Padel Tour Rankings

Audience and tickets :

  • Expected to have 3,000 spectators every day
  • Tickets for sale at
  • VIP hospitality offer available