“I don’t have it anymore”: To everyone’s surprise, Ashleigh Barty, the best in the world, retires at the age of 25

It is an earthquake on the planet of tennis. And in many cases no one was watching it come. Last night, the WTA saw her boss telling her to stop. At just 25 years old, Ashleigh Barty decided to bow her months after her coronation in front of the audience at her Australian Open while she dominated women’s tennis. I have selected. “”I’m very happy, and I’m very ready, and I now know in my heart that it’s the right decision as a person.“Australian shed tears and said in a video message.

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At the top of the WTA rankings since September 2019, Bertie has won 15 single titles, including three Grand Slams (Roland Garos 2019, Wimbledon 2021 and Australian Open 2022). “”Success for me is knowing that I have given everything I can. I am happy, happy and know how much work I need to do to do my best.“I described the natives of Ipswich, who have 12 titles in doubles, including one of the Grand Slams (US Open 2018).

It was my dream to win Wimbledon.It really changed my point of view

She won the title on her land in January and won Melbourne as an Australian for the first time in 44 years. She participated in a closed club of sacred Grand Slam players in three different ways. “Ash” has achieved her latest goal. And today it’s empty. Since her success in Melbourne, she has been absent from her circuit and no longer has the power or desire to continue. “”I don’t have it anymore. I no longer have the physical energy, the emotional will, and everything I need to surpass myself at the highest level.“, She continued.

If she calls herself, “sold out“But this desire to stop comes out of nowhere, it’s been through his head for months, because it was in London last July that the click happened.”It was my dream to win Wimbledon. My only real dream in tennis. It really changed my point of view. I had this intuition after Wimbledon and told the team a lot about it, “confessed the champion.There was just one part of me who wasn’t very happy (…) and the Australian Open challenge came, and I think it’s the most perfect“leave.

Ashleigh Barty

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Chasing other dreams

Ashleigh Barty’s profile isn’t all that surprising when this sudden announcement caused an earthquake on a small yellow ball planet. The Australian had already chosen to stay away from tennis at the age of 17. For 17 months she cleaned up her racket and signed a professional contract with the Brisbane Heat Team for the opening season of the Women’s Championship Cricket. “”To keep it short, I had to find myself.I got a little lost in the first part of my careere “, she explained in January.

She also won a golf tournament when the pandemic kept her off the court. So it’s only an episode of her life that she closes with this early retirement. “”I know it’s time to move away, chase other dreams, and lower the racket“, Claimed a player who won 15 titles on the WTA circuit, suggesting that he can meet her again on the sports field, even if he is not on the tennis court.

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