“I dream of Poutine in France”: When Eric Zemmour praised the Russian President

Dirty statement. While Russia launched a military attack on Ukrainian territory overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, “Reconquest! »In the presidential election, Eric Zemur was overtaken by controversial remarks about Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He made a “bet” to him in France 2 a few weeks ago that “Russia would not invade Ukraine”, which was enough to force him to review his copy immediately.

Eric Zemmour is always happy with the Russian government, which until recently defended through the American anti-imperialist prism embodied by NATO. , And foreign countries. In September 2018, he reported to the newspaper L’Opinion: [rêverait] As journalist Paul Lavoucher recalled, “in Poutine, France”.

Eric Zemmour claimed that Vladimir Putin was the only leader at the time who was able to protect his country from all the difficulties.

“He took a country that was an empire, and I would say it could have been a great power, he tries to turn it around. I dream of Poutine in France, but it’s not.” Declared to a colleague of Lopinion that he was a former controversial and columnist.

“Ukraine does not exist”

Eric Zemmour, who expressed pride in being politically supported by the descendants of Louis XIV by tending to talk about “France” before the “Republic,” said Vladimir Putin “in favor of new clothing.” I admire my ability in the chronicles. Emperor “. In his essay “Unquinquennium pour rien,” which summarizes his record of RTL from 2013 to 2016, he described Russian leaders as “a politically correct hurricane that begins in the United States and destroys all traditional structures and families. The last stand to “explained, religion, hometown”, reported by Obs journalists on Twitter.

In February 2014, he featured in RTL the historical reading advocated by Vladimir Putin, a “country of odds and ends” born in “Ukraine does not exist”, “the historic birthplace of Russian civilization”. I confirmed that again. Justify the invasion of its Ukrainian neighbor. “When the media accuses him of preparing an intervention to regain control of Moscow (…), forget that Putin does not need it because the demographic ratio is so favorable to him. Or pretend to forget, “he decided.

Faced with this war officially declared by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, Eric Zemmour is obliged to recognize his position today. He made an “unjustified” military aggression this Thursday after Russian leaders admitted in a statement Monday that they violated the “Ukraine’s sovereignty and border intangible principles” by admitting the independence of the two Republics of Donbus. Blame. There have been no direct attacks or threats from Ukraine. It’s too late for his political opponent. Like the Republican PartyNow he is nicknamed Vladimir Zemmour.