“I felt very dangerous and it appeared,” Matteo lamented and eliminated in the second episode.

He was the beloved of the viewers Cursed totem, Koh Lanta.. When 20-year-old Matthew defeated the masses in an episode and couldn’t hide the sadness of being last chosen during team composition, he evoked great empathy. At the end of the second show aired on TF1 on Tuesday, the purple tribe definitely didn’t give him a gift, as it eliminated him without hesitation. The dancer of the Paris Opera, who recovered from disappointment, 20 minutes..

When Denis Brogniart erases your torch, you seem almost relieved. Is it an exaggeration to say that?

Yes ! (Laughs) I’m relieved because the last day was really long. The council was held late and I knew for a few hours that I would be eliminated. But throughout my adventure, it’s not at all reassuring, it’s a big disappointment.

Stephanie on your side voted against you, and you voted against her. Are you thinking of using Yannick’s black bracelet to try a strategy against him?

We were both targeted. They were five against us. We couldn’t do anything, we didn’t have a collar, and we were well aware that they were trying to split their votes between us two. They would have cast 3 votes on one side and 2 votes on the other. If we had voted against Yannick, taking into account his black bracelet, it would have voted against him three times. It would have been tied, and we should have voted again. Anyway, Yannick would have been saved. So we told ourselves that we would vote against each other so that no one staying in the game would be alienated.

Did the fact that you were last chosen during team formation conditioned the rest of your career?

completely ! From that moment on, I felt dangerous and then it was a vicious circle. I told myself that when Celine and Sessa were still there, they would probably come in front of me … but I knew I wasn’t in a majority alliance and had the impression that I had a target in front of me. received.I was showing weaknesses because I was last chosen … and Koh Lanta, We judge by appearance very quickly, and I don’t seem to have an appearance that surprises you or makes you want me to join your team … after crying , I told myself: “C is good, you are classified and directly: weak”. I felt very dangerous and it appeared.

Did it bring back bad memories of school?

Not at all! I, at school, I am always very integrated. I was the first to be chosen because I was very athletic and violent at the moment. This never happened to me. Today I get a lot of messages from people saying “Don’t worry, I’ve had all the school education I’ve ever had …”, but I’ve never experienced this. I was always integrated into the group.

You are one of the candidates who caused the most reactions during the broadcast of the first episode. Do you receive a lot of messages?

I get a lot. The number of my subscribers has skyrocketed on Instagram. Compared to other candidates, there are no photos. I receive messages all day long, I can’t even reply to everyone. I said I wasn’t confident in the game, but these messages are like bandages and feel very good. I am confident to see my honesty, credibility, and how to keep my emotions open. People like it.

You were the youngest of the season. Did you feel you had to prove yourself?

I kept saying that I had to outperform myself and do three times as much as others. That’s what I was testing. I couldn’t help it, so I pulled it apart. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. The same is true for camping. Despite my fatigue, I didn’t dare to sit down. I walked like a zombie. I was very tired, but I didn’t dare to rest. When you feel at risk, you do not experience the same adventures in a climate of trust as when you are in the majority of alliances.

Seems to have had a hard time hiding pessimism from fellow adventurers …

My credibility I was talking about before was demonstrated in every way. I always do in my life: I express things a lot in words. I have to speak a lot, and I’m overkill, that is, I express myself positively like negatives with pretty strong emotions and words. That is also reflected in my attitude. When I watched the first episode on TV, I noticed that my shoulders were completely closed, but I’m a dancer, so I usually stand upright. You can tell from your posture that you are not feeling well. And at the camp, at my pace, people noticed that I was sick.No one was mean to me, but I was clear that the choice would be made from that moment on. [pour l’élimination], It will fall to me. I felt rejected.

In an interview heading to the camera after eliminating, you say you couldn’t show what you wanted to show. Do you still have a hard time with yourself today?

(Pause, he thinks) There is no doubt that my relatives I’m talking about are proud of me and haven’t judged me. They had a good understanding of what happened. I’m proud of myself because I was able to do my best in the race even though no one really trusted me. I was very comfortable with the rubber band game and the comfort of the second issue. I showed that there was no problem mentally. I argue: the fact that I’m in danger was the only cause of my discomfort. Mental strength, mental resistance to effort, I have it because I am ballet. I spend a day resisting in a delicate position.