“I love my farmers!”: The start of an operation to raise awareness of the youngest in the agricultural world

The agricultural sector is resolutely committed to agroecological transitions and agricultural practices in favor of the economy of phytosanitary products, animal well-being, soil restoration and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but the two ministers in particular Announced various actions aimed at promoting. Better consideration of agriculture, landscaping, forestry, agricultural food professionals, and themes related to sustainable development and food education.

The action school, university and high school of the “J’aime Mes Agriculteurs!” Operation aims to raise awareness of the agricultural world. They focus on the following objectives:

  • Inform young people better about agricultural education and training:
    • Agricultural education institutions will open on the day they agree with a nearby general education institution.
    • As part of the National Days of Agriculture (17, 18, 19 June 2022), a school and university registration module will be set up to visit the farms of participating farmers and farms of agricultural universities.
    • The #LAventureduVivant educational track is located at SIA and will continue touring all over France as soon as the show is over.
  • Make students more aware of living professions and their opportunities:
    • Meet farmers in college and high school to discuss their profession and its development.
    • Discovery of the farm as part of an SNU session. Part of it will take place at Agricultural High School in July 2022.
    • Professional Discovery on a High School Farm Acceptance of a third year intern as part of an internship.
    • Half a day dedicated to orientation for agricultural and food careers will be organized for academic information services.
    • The #EntrepreneursduLivant campaign continues to unfold, especially during the Salon de l’Agriculture, where activities and conferences for young people are held.
    • Many other actions: For example, an educational kit for teachers to discover the world of agriculture. Discovery of the service and sales profession prepared by agricultural education during the Printemps de Lorientation. Webinars on turning solutions such as “I make my difference” …
  • Promotion of taste and dietary education in daily school life:
    • The Call for the “Vegetable Gardens” project is organized by general education colleges and high schools and receives the possible support of local sector experts to develop shared gardens jointly managed by the facility and students.
    • Each facility is invited to imagine behavior related to the facility’s canteen, highlighting local producers, especially territorial food projects.

Jean-Michel Blancel: “In the face of global issues arising from climate and environmental challenges, we have an obligation of collective intelligence and pedagogical coherence. Student education and its direction for sustainable development. Especially thanks to the direct relationship between the world of agriculture and the farmers themselves, much can be gained from the connection with agricultural education. All French students are concrete examples of agricultural experts, You must be able to concretely understand the implications of respecting yourself and your health, others, and everyone else. That is why this strategy, “I love farmers,” is the greatest. I wish you success.

For Julian Donormandy: “Agriculture is part of our identity and what makes our country. Therefore, it is imperative to convey this knowledge and passion from an early age. This unique connection that connects us with farmers. Not only to make it permanent, but also to attract new young people to living professions. I am happy to see the operation of “J’aimemon Agriculture!”. »Deployed very quickly, enabling young people in our schools and universities to recognize the importance of high quality foods made with products in our area. »»

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