I will talk about the nightmare afternoon of the Girondins

Month. Here’s a quick summary of the afternoon Girondins Bordeaux and his supporters experienced against Montpellier (0-2) this Sunday. The other would say gossip. Except for that, we have reached heights both inside and outside the field. Everything flowed into the drain and there wasn’t much left.

This Monday, the Navy and whites are still the last to die. The gap with other teams is widening even a little. David Guillon’s players are five points behind the playoffs and six points for the first non-relegated player nine days after the end of the season. League 2 is closer than ever, and the situation surrounding the team is becoming more and more tense, as it was at this Sunday’s event. Return to this crazy and nightmare afternoon of Girondins Bordeaux.

3:00 pm: Kick-off delayed

Finally, Boldley never deviates from this colorful smoky cloud created by South Bend at the start of the meeting during the deployment of Tifo that day. Well, this fireworks show may still be expensive for the club. Poor visibility forced the referee to postpone the kick-off by 15 minutes, and the penalty could arrive sooner, especially as the projectile reached the field during the match.

3:25 pm. : Collision to start everything

Twelve minutes into the match, Montpellier started scoring Wahi. Benoit Costil and Anel Ahmedhodzic do not talk to each other. Next, the Bordeaux goalkeeper will be demonstrating with his young teammates. This is because many people can participate in the match. However, this is not a preference for Virage Sud, who hates Benoît Costil and blows him with each ball until the final whistle (note that Porter is applauded from the north stand throughout the second half). please give me). The tension begins to rise.

4 pm: Costil and Ultra

She will go up seriously in half time. Before returning to her locker room, Benoit Costil takes out a bottle of her drinking water under the whistle of her supporters. He will be challenged by Florian Brunet, one of the leaders of Ultramarine, the largest group of Bordeaux supporters. The two men warmly explained in front of South Bend, head-on. Benoît Costil eventually left and Florian brunette made a “sold” sign for the podium.

why ? Over the last few weeks, more and more voices have been surprised by the lack of criticism from UB87 against the club’s president and owner Gerard Lopez, despite the devastating sporting situation. They will fit in the GL pocket. They protect themselves every week. A Girondin doorman, he’s in the direction (and therefore supporters) just because he didn’t take on the role of leader this season like his friend Laurent Koscielny. January. atmosphere.

5:10 pm: Girondins are heading to League 2

Bordeaux, unable to score a goal with Montpellier, who dropped to nine points, admitted another defeat at home. But it’s not over yet …

5:25 pm: Supporters block the exit of the stadium

Despite the end of the match, tensions remain high. I’m a little panicked in the Matmut corridor. Supporters rush to the north stand to wait for the player. They are asking for an explanation. The team will go see them. The first moment is boiling, especially with Josuha Guilavogui and Yacine Adli. Security guards need to intervene. Some players chat with supporters. Jimmy Briand speaks specifically to apologize on behalf of the group, and Enock Kwateng and M’Baye Niang interact more gently with others. Unlike technical director Admar Lopez and Girondin coach David Guillon, Gerard Lopez isn’t there.

“I think it was important to go see them and hear their complaints. We deserved the wrath of the fans. [plus positif]It’s up to us to put it on the ground. “

Jimmy Briand with a megaphone speaks in the middle of the supporters.
Jimmy Briand with a megaphone speaks in the middle of the supporters. -Tibo Moritz / AFP

5:55 pm: Gion on the brink of tears

He had only five games, but David Guion was a lot on his plate. He even struggled to suppress his emotions, his eyes were damp when he appeared in front of the press. Former Stade de Reims coaches aren’t “injured”, but above all, “very angry” with the players. “Because we can’t play such a match, the cold anger contained, the group scuttled completely,” he admits. Today, it’s easy for him to say “nothing works” for this team. He shouldn’t leave it alone. We have to work, we have to talk to each other. You need to find a new lever. »»

7:15 pm: Ultramarine accuses Costil of racism

It’s been a lot of stories since the last whistle. Le Virage Sud shouted several times in the second half: “Costil, a racist.” Very serious charges. However, Ultramarines keeps the statement through your Twitter account at the beginning of the evening.

There is no response from the club in the face of this accusation.

7:45 pm: Lopez chooses camp

Gerard Lopez also decided to react to social networks without talking to the media. Once again, President Bordeaux attacks his player talking about an “unacceptable” match and claims to understand the disgust of his supporters.

9 pm: Costil announces departure

I don’t know if Benoît Costil could one day wear a Girondins de Bordeaux jersey after experiencing such an afternoon. That shouldn’t happen anyway.According to the information from 20 minutes, The international goalkeeper has announced to some players and some employees that he intends to leave the club on Sunday night. “I’m leaving, I’m not finishing the season,” he virtually said.

Relatives and friends softened his remarks a little later. It’s time to reflect, but that’s what’s happening. In any case, David Guion’s staff didn’t bet too much on seeing the goalkeeper training at the beginning of the week. The man seems to be very impressed. Will he terminate his contract? Do you find an agreement with that management? Will you be able to stay and move on? You need to know right away.

9:50 pm: “We are in League 2! »»

By the end of the season this Monday morning, we still have 27 points left. However, some Gerard Lopez aides no longer believe it. One of them thunders. “We are already sporty in League 2, it was done for me. Today, sports are important because the unknown remains in finance. Spanish and Luxembourg businessmen I assure him that he will be there in League 2 and next season, but it’s not that easy …

Alberth Elis missed a penalty for Montpellier.
Alberth Elis missed a penalty for Montpellier. -Tibo Moritz / AFP

One thing is certain: the team of Girondin general manager Thomas Jacquemier is increasingly considering this option. At this point many meetings were held that week and some scenarios were at the table. Unlike a few weeks ago, the chances of returning to L2 to avoid bankruptcy are small. If you can call it good news, this is the only good news of the moment in the Girondins.