“I worked more on Sunday than any other day.”

July 9, 2022 9:00 am

The new woman’s Tour de France will begin on Sunday, July 24, when the man’s Peloton arrives in Paris, so Catherine Purdom will pick up her husband a week later than the previous summer. “Anyway, when I got back, she said I was completely confused, so we only meet a few days later.”, Christian Prudhomme, 61, laughs, one-third of which is dedicated to Grande Bouclé cyclists. As proof, he happened to be at the bottom of the house and realized he couldn’t remember the entry code. “On a tour, I sometimes greet the same person twice every few hours. I know that, but so much is happening that you live two days in a day. »»


The tour brings me closer to others, but keeps me away from me


Prior to joining the organization in 2004, he first acted for Jean-Marie Leblanc and was director since 2007, and the former journalist was touring Europe 1 and then France Television. When I started as a freelancer at RFO seven days a week, I remember the sports manager asking if I was ready to sit on the weekends. He smiles again: “I worked more on Sunday than any other day. »» The official man, Prudhomme, abuses this: “The tour brings me closer to others, but keeps me away from me. »» Last Sunday, he missed his brother Francois’ birthday again because he had a plane to Copenhagen (Denmark) where the tour started on Friday. “Like every year for 30 years. »»

CDI containing cholesterol

July, this exhilarating and exhausted month. “Wherever you go, you will be told to speak.”, Prudom, who made the movement an art, says. He is also good at dinner with elected officials. His boss is so in demand that he sometimes sits twice. “I have a permanent contract with cholesterol, triglycerides and gamma GT, but I don’t know how much. »» After steps to pave the way and solve a thousand problems that are often invisible “Three to four hours between trusted people hurt the liver, but it’s good for the head.”.. His liver, to be exact, thanked him during his captivity. The alcohol-free break lasted 93 days. “I wanted to reach a hundred, but I met 94.”He apologizes for walking all the way in France with this humor.

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He rarely has two free weekends. The last time was early May. He displays a calendar on his smartphone, listing his activities over the past few months. In February, he responded to an invitation from the French Embassy in Rwanda, considering the world of Kigali in 2025. Six days later he was in Edinburgh for the Scottish-France Six Nations Tournament with his daughter Marion. In the process, he presided over Paris-Nice. This was the first major conference of the season and I was worried about the Catalan tour linked to the classics. On April 10th, a man who was also the head of the Race Organizers Association negotiated a Paris-Roubaix reversal at the Amstel Gold Race to avoid hitting the first round of the presidential election. “My counterpart, Leo van Briette, accepted, but he promised me to go.”Breathe Pludom, often not say no.

If it is not a race, it will be honored at the Planche des Belles Filles, a conference in Aigle (Switzerland) held at the headquarters of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Or a friend who takes him to emotions: In June, Bernard Tevenet wanted to bring him closer to him at the Criterium du Dauphiné.Then Prudhomme took ” all “ His weekend to the Tour de France tunnel. Actually two.

Tears and champagne

He has a little “Shame” Admitting that, the confinement in the spring of 2020 was a break he would never have taken. He read it only on vacation and devoured it. When he quotes the list of works he carried him, we no longer stop him:Extinguish (Michel Houellebec) Winner of the Mohammed Mubger Saar’s Goncourt Award without spitting on Franck Thilliez’s thriller.His daughter also got him Those who save lives save the worldA text about the signed Madeleine de Place of Justice.

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Words, in July, he reads less than he pronounces. Please return to him what he created for the farewell to the tour of Bernard Hinault, who was the ambassador until 2016. “When I said he gave the race his talent, his sweat and his blood, Bernard began to cry like Madeleine.”The director, who himself struggles to complete his little speech, is still surprised. Fortunately, badgers quickly recovered and took out a bottle of champagne and put it on the market. “Now, let’s have a drink! »»

Three years later, Big Boss Julian Alaphilippe was on the podium in a snapshot of his arrival on the Champs Elysees on Sunday. “”Super combative»»I saw his father in a very sick wheelchair. “The journalists who attended left a moment of intimacy with them. I thought it was wonderful.”Christian Prudom was very proud of his previous company.