Ideal government according to our internet users

Even if the portrait of the next Prime Minister’s robot begins to take shape, we still don’t know his name. And the composition of future governments will be even smaller. With the final Ministerial Meeting scheduled for this Thursday, we asked Internet users who they would like to be appointed to the Ministry of Environment, Education, Culture, Interiors and Sports. List below known names that may help Emmanuel Macron make his choice.

Minister of the Environment

Who will take over Barbara Pompiri at the Ministry of Ecology Transition? When Jean, Florian, Michael, and Daniel asked for a ministerial renewal because they were “experienced, practical, direct, and malignant,” Internet users specifically quoted two names. First of all, Pascal Canfin, a former director of WWF and now chairman of the Environmental Commission of the European Parliament. “He is competent and, unlike EELV, understands the cross-cutting of ecology,” Bridget believes. The name of Jean-Marc Jancovici has also appeared several times. An engineer who is the creator of the carbon footprint and a member of the Prime Minister’s High Council on Climate, “is one of the only people in France who are ecologically and rational about nuclear power. He is on global warming. We understand both the problem and the problem of energy demand, “Patrice analyzes. François and Michelle want Natalie Koshusco-Morizet to return. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morize was Secretary of State and Minister of Ecology under Nicolas Sarkozy. Quoted by another former minister, Corinne Lepage and Jerome. She has always been committed to environmental protection and is currently chairing Cap Ecology. Benoit, he wants to appoint Eric Piolle, Mayor of EELV in Grenoble. The names of Ségolène Royale and Thomas Pesque were also quoted. Yes, yes, astronaut.

Minister of Education

This portfolio has also returned several times as the successor to Jean-Michel Blanker, the name of current government spokesman Gabriel Attal. And he has a fan. “He is young and dynamic, thanks to Hugo. He can reassure his parents, relieve tensions with teachers and carry out reforms.” This may serve as a stepping stone to the Prime Minister’s post. No, “Florian expects. Paul and Benoit would rather see Francois Bayle. Emmanuel Macron’s modem is already in this position under the three governments of Sirac, so he is familiar with Grenelle Street. “It’s time for his return,” Paul predicted. Internet users also cite Rachida Dati’s name “because she’s grumpy”, the name of former Minister of Culture O’Leary Filipetti, or the current Minister of Agriculture Julian Donormandy. Michael believes that “of the faithful people, the faithful ones deserve promotion.”

Minister of Culture

For this ministry, leave the politician, internet users quoted only the names of personalities from civil society. This ranges from Bernard Pivot, the “man of culture and letters” praised by Pierre, to Cyril Hanuna, who Hugo considers to be the “man of work.” He knows how to make culture accessible to everyone, not the elite. The name of Stephane Bern has come up several times. “It’s time for him to be part of the government,” Paul claims. Meanwhile, Aymeric and Bernard will see Fabrice Luchini settle in ruede Valois.

Minister of Interior

Gerald Dalmanin has been in this position for two years and his “excellent record” deserves to be set for many Internet users who answer our phone calls. Michael believes that the appointment of Greg, Corey, and even Michael’s other hypothesis, Marine Le Pen, is logical to them “given the number of people who voted for her and her ideas.” .. Brigitte, a worshiper of Christoph Castanel, believes “he wasn’t understood” and wants to see him come back. As for Pierre, he will see Edouard Philippe as “a good starting point for the presidential election.” Little known to the general public, Hugo believes that Damian Abbado is a good candidate. According to him, the leader of the LR group in Congress is “a person at work. He is passionate about security issues and can continue Dharmanin’s actions. This appointment also takes into account legislative elections. , Can decisively kill rights. “Whole program!

Minister of Sports

It is a tradition to appoint a champion to this ministry. And the most prominent in the area is the name of Zinedine Zidane. “He is a model for young people,” says Greg. Other internet users will see Tony Estange become minister. “He’s a fighter and he likes the results,” Daniel enthusiastically says. However, he does not know if he has the chairman of the organizing committee for the 2024 Paris Olympics. So why not Yannick Noah? “He will add a green touch to the government,” Aymeric predicts. Hugo, he bet more on Teddy Riner, “He is one of the favorite personalities of the French. This fits well with the purpose of uniting the French. And he is known internationally. It’s perfect for the 2024 Olympics. “Finally, Etienne thought about Paralympic Snowboard Cross Champion Cecil Hernandez. A promise that will give great visibility to people with disabilities.