Idrissa Gueye case of four acts

It is attracting attention all over the world. Paris Saint-Germain’s Senegalese midfielder Idrissa Gueye would have refused to play Montpellier on Saturday, May 14, because he was swarming in the color of the gay flag. “Events” that have clearly evoked reactions to various protagonists: politicians, federals, compatriots, clubs … Returning to this week’s case.

There is no Guai in the labor force in Paris

When Paris Saint-Germain was preparing to go to Montpellier on Saturday, there was a player on the list of summoned players, but a few hours before the match, Idrissa Gueye disappeared. But the Senegalese at the stands are one of the key elements of Mauricio Pochettino this season. The day after PSG’s victory at La Mosson (4-0), On the 37th day of League 1, which was placed under the signs of a fight against homosexual disgust, the media refused to wear the numbered jerseys swarming in the rainbow-colored sky of the LGBT community, leaving players out of the workforce. I learned that.

A year ago, on May 17, 2021, the player complained of gastroenteritis because he did not play on this special day. This time he was fired at his request, “Personal reason” Mauricio Pochettino explained at a press conference, not physically.

Chain disapproval, PSG separates itself from that player

“He had already done that last year. There is little doubt about his intentions.” It is in these words that Panham Boys President Bertrand Lambert and the Diversity-Opened Club Girls United responded to the AFP time In news broadcasts, information was beyond the framework of athletes. Roxana MaracineanuNow found a former ministerial representative in charge of sports “disappointing” This boycott. However, the reaction was expected above all. It’s a club reaction.

Almost 48 hours after the event, on Monday night, PSG separated itself from the player’s actions in a press release. “”Idrissa Gueye was not included in the group for personal and personal reasons., Started a capital club. And what to remember: “PSG has always been keen on fighting all forms of discrimination, and this weekend as well.”

Senegal supports the champion

Idrissa Gueye, the first African champion of the year in Senegal, has become the hero of the country. And this act clearly did not hurt his reputation in the country. on the contrary. In this predominantly Islamic country, homosexuality is punished with imprisonment of 1 to 5 years and a fine of € 152 to € 2,000 or more. It was protected up to the highest ranks in the state. Starting with President Macky Sall, On twitter What “Religious beliefs” Gueye is respected. Sports Minister Matal Barr also defended the Teranga Lions players at a press conference on Monday. “When you sign, it’s playing football, not promoting something or setting your beliefs aside.”

Beyond politics, his selection teammates gave him support on social networks. PSG teammate Abdou Diallo posted a photo with Idrissa Gueye, writing: “We all know who you are.”.. Same as above for Crystal Palace Cheikhou Kouyate midfielder.Champion with a big heart, champion of his actions, champion of his generosity“And add him “I will continue to be a champion in his eyes.”..The latter also attracted the wrath of Eagles supporters demanding Kouyaté with these messages of support. “Don’t play the last game”..

Idrissa Gueye summoned by the FFF Ethics Council

Four days after leaving Montpellier, the French Football Federation decided to respond on Wednesday through the National Ethics Council. He speaks directly to the player and asks him to summon him and explain that he refused to participate. “SOr, these speculations are groundless and it is advisable to express yourself without delay to silence these rumors. For example, it’s a good idea to attach a photo of you wearing the jersey in question to your message.Advised the player to CNE in a letter.

The committee is also not transient: “In this case, we ask you to understand the importance of your gestures and the very serious errors committed.Writing an ethics committee. By refusing to participate in this collective activity, you are in fact verifying discriminatory behaviour, refusal of others, as well as against the LGBTQI + community.