“If you think about it, there is chills everywhere.”: Tango to conquer the Euro Cup

The Bourges Basket is becoming one of the most exciting weeks of the season. At their Prado Sports Hall, chosen by Fiva to host this Euro Cup Final Four, Tango has the opportunity to win a European title. “I can’t wait for Tuesday. Let’s get started,” he launched Sarah Michelle after a spectacular success against Tarbes (73-69) in the Women’s League on Friday.

This match against Bigourdanes has never been easier for TBB, who had to overcome an 18-point handicap to sign 16 consecutive victories in the league. “The head was probably a little elsewhere,” admitted Berruyer coach Olivier Lafargue.

Bourges signs Tarbes 16 consecutive successes and verifies its number one

Tomorrow night (8 pm), he will face Galatasaray’s Turks (winners of the 2009 and 2018 tournaments), who will play the first semi-final of the Europa Cup of Burgess Basket since 2016. That year, the team also raised the Euro Cup for the club’s first participation in the tournament (after transferring from the EuroLeague), either Céline Dumerc or Johannah Leedham.

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This week, Elodi Godan and his partner have the opportunity to win the sixth Continental Cup in club history. Following his disqualification in the EuroLeague last September, Berry President Agnes Sanjes announced the colors. “I’m going to turn this Euro Cup into an opportunity. The purpose is very clear, it’s to win this Euro Cup.» »»

“These very high level games are for us to play basketball.”

If you lift the trophy, the tango wins two. After two defeats in the smooth group stage and final phase (1 point in London and 2 points in Basketball Land), Bourges gave himself the right to dream. “I’ve been sweating so far and it’s worth playing in a match this time of the season,” says Olivier Lafargue.

Endy Miyem is not yet available and the interior arrives in the Bourges basket as reinforcements

Meeting with stakes, Tango loves it. “These very high-level games are for us to play basketball,” Sarah Michelle declares. Faced with Stambouliotes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (for big and small finals against the Turks in Mersin or the Italians in Venice), Berruyères can count on strong support: their masses. Last season, Prado hosted the EuroLeague set and the LFB final four. Two demonstrations were contested due to the coldness of the camera.

Call to supporters

So tango pushes them and relies on their supporters to give them more energy. “There are only a few games in which the general public is actually involved and active. This is the chance for this final four to be held here. I hope Prado is full,” said Sarah Michelle. continue. Leticia Gapo, she’s already feeling impatient. “We will be able to play in our room in front of our supporters. Just thinking, the tremors will be transmitted to our whole body and small butterflies will fly around our stomachs!» Wait for more than a day. And tomorrow, “The show must continue!” »»

Nicholas Welkin
[email protected]