“I’m against the far right”: Cleopatra Darrou explains her position on Marine Le Pen

Le Parisien Signer-Cléopâtre Darlu, with about 50 athletes on the platform aimed at blocking RN in the second round of the presidential elections in France on April 12, is an avid champion of the Olympics. .. Brest’s goalkeeper is also the new brand ambassador for Butagaz, one of France’s leading partners in handball. When we contacted her on her recent phone, she took advantage of her holidays and went to Harmine Carnick’s little Breton club to meet a young handball player she was a role model. .. Moreover, these kids will not fail to follow his performance in the Euro 2022 qualifying against the Czech Republic this Wednesday night.

What convinced you to sign a platform to block RN?

Cleopatra Daroo. Basically, it’s not a big concern for me, so I generally avoid political questions. In fact, at first I didn’t even know if I would vote. I didn’t want to say much, but decided to do it especially for Le Pen. Above all, I agreed to sign this complaint because I wanted to show that I was against the far right.

Why did you agree to become a Butagaz Brand Ambassador?

For several years, the brand has been a partner in the Handball League, helping our sport influence the region. Especially when I was offered to be part of this team, Nico (Karabachi), It is an honor and a pleasure to support the development of handball and women’s sports. It’s a logical decision in the end.

What does your role consist of?

Don’t just put your head next to the gas bottle in the picture (Laughter). This includes actions for young handball players and amateur clubs to get closer to them. For example, the brand offers jerseys to about 40 clubs across the region. It also allows children to meet players. It’s important to them. i know it.

One of your missions is to defeat “hands, it’s wonderful”.

That’s part of it. Beyond practice, some of the youth are behind us. Among the little children I have met are future generations, perhaps future players of the French team. It seems very important to me to show these young handball players that our sport is of great value. And if there is a way to do it yourself, don’t hesitate.

Do you find time for it in your busy schedule?

During my playing career and my life as a mom, I’m not always looking for new demands. However, in my career, I always wanted to get to know the youngest children between the ages of 10 and 17. I like it very much and as soon as I find time to do it in my schedule it’s a pleasure and it’s important to me. I want the handball to have a good image and I want to contribute.

Personally, what does this type of operation bring to you?

It only allows me to meet young players and it’s already a very, very nice gift. Even after the match, when I see the children who sign me and say I’m very happy, I feel like I’ve won something. Being a mom, I will show myself to her daughter. She is a person who has an idol and I think she is very happy to be able to go home with her signature. She doesn’t want to be disappointed to think of her.

What do you say to the young people you meet?

I tell them about my sport, high level. I’m trying to tell them that it’s possible to access it, we give ourselves a means, and if we want it, nothing is closed.

How do they react when they see the Olympic champions?

It depends on their nature. Some people are very shy and don’t dare to approach or talk to me. Others give me a hug, and it’s so cute. I get gifts from time to time. There are a lot of stuffed animals. It’s a moving, and ultimately fairly simple and healthy report.

Did you have an idol at their age?

This is not always the case. When I was little, there were no luxury clubs near my house. I didn’t intend to go see the match, but I did intend to meet the seniors of my club in Wittenheim, Alsace. I spent my days there and they were my idols. Even if they weren’t big stars, I was impressed by the big guys.

Are you called a citizen champion by other organizations or communities?

In fact, recently, the Ministry of Sports has made some requests about the status and motherhood of women in high-level sports, as I have been there. These questions are of interest to me and I would like to see things evolve. So if I can do something, I will do it.