“I’m going to shatter it!” “: In Val-de-Marne, the maid challenges the former sports minister in a legislative election.

“We have won 99% of all requests! »», She remembered last week from the Solvier district, the city of Chevy Larou, where she lives. Deputy Jean-Jack Bridie (LREM) leaving, especially in this member, including the Rungis market, does not represent himself being hospitalized for serious health problems. Therefore, the majority invested in former sports minister Roxana Malacineanu.

“You don’t live in a working class neighborhood, what are you doing here ?! “In the applause of activists, she launched Rachel Keke with the launch of her campaign. For CGT trade union members, this election is “The second battle to fight », Ibis Batignolles, then while waiting “Third, to Congress”..

Not complicated

At the start of the campaign at Chevilly-Larue, candidates could rely on the presence of Mathilde Panot, chairman of the LFI group of Parliament, also operated by Val-de-Marne. Despite his lack of political experience, Rachel Keke has nothing to do with the former swimming champion.

Let us, in the slums, let us go in an essential deal and protect ourselves in Congress.

“I’m going to smash it!” I swear to you, I’ll beat her. “, She explains. “” She was a minister, she is happy, what is she looking for? Let us, in the slums, let us go in an essential deal and protect ourselves in Congress. “

“More national vision”

Too satirical speech defends Roxana Maracineanu. Roxana Malacineanu emphasizes her dual Franco-Romanian culture and her own culture. “Inspiring journey” Former refugee. “Rachel Keke doesn’t know me. My parents arrived in France with two suitcases. We slept in the car and lived in the working class neighborhoods of Mulhouse and Blower. We were … we have a pretty similar background. “ She elaborate.

Former Minister intending to campaign based on his work and aspects, especially at the Ministry of Sports Concrete in everyday life “We also need to protect ourselves from attacks from his rights. Vincent Jeanbrun, LR Mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses and near Valérie Pécresse, introduces himself as a local on stage. Thus he welcomed Roxana Malacineanu by providing her with a map of his city, “parachute”.. “She was a former elected representative of Clamart and a PS regional councilor in Hauts-de-Seine.”He works.

“In Ile-de-France, we share the same concerns whether we live in Clamart like me or here.”, Respond to stakeholders. “We need to have a more national vision. Being an adjutant is not the mayor.”She adds.

“I’m sure Nupes will be in the second round.”

To play spoil sports, Vincent Jambrunn relies especially on his good score in the final legislative election when he scored 47.3% against Jean-Jacks Bridie in the second round. “Center-left voters will rely on local candidates,” He believes he was the one who tilted L’Haÿ-les-Roses, a red-belt fortress on the outskirts of Paris, to the right in 2014. “I can be a useful vote left by racists and racists against the scary and unwanted racists.”He guarantees.

With this member Jean-Luc Melenchon replaced the enemy in four of the five cities that make it up.“I’m sure Nupes will be in the second round.”He is expecting. “My match and stakes are in the first round.”In the face of LREM, he adds.