In Dijon, the connected paddel room

Five years after arriving in Norduraville, Padel We continue to expand with Cote d’Or. Dijon currently has two sites at 1 Marechal de Rattle de Tashiny Boulevard. Opportunity to discover this “connected autonomous” room with this field, which is a hit.

QR code, digital tablet …

Therefore, we will meet with Thomas Brissaud on Wednesday, April 20th. Monitor on Dijon Tennis-Club (TCD) and he plays Padel For five years, he was some of the 40 best French people. It was he who suggested to the club to lay the groundwork for practicing this Mexican-born sport. At the entrance to Padel Park, a digital journey tone is set. To access the room, you need to scan the QR code you received after booking the session with the FitArena application. The brightness of the site is undeniable thanks to the glass walls that are also an element of the game.

Once in one of the two playgrounds, Thomas Brissaud presents another digital tool. “On this digital tablet, players define teams, specify games, edit game sheets, and set Marked, Padel It is the same point system as tennis. The score will also be broadcast on a huge screen. »»

Play on the wall

After warming up, it’s time to start doing business. My goal is not to “beat” the match’s doubles partner Thomas Briseau. If you play tennis and badminton for several years, Padel It’s the first. Our two enemies, Antoine Boyer and Louis Serie-also a member of TCD-are veteran players.

The first feeling is very good: the racket is firmly held in my hand and I managed to hit the ball in my opponent’s camp without any problems. The longer the introduction of an opponent, the more difficult it becomes. Teammates advise you to wait for a rebound on the ground and then a rebound on the wall before taking another volley. However, the first attempt failed because I did not predict the orbit correctly. Fortunately, no one has the idea of ​​allowing a mobile application to execute a sequence at the push of a button on a tablet. The session is clearly taken with the camera.

A fun sport that goes fast

“It’s coming! I’m guaranteed. Yes: my progress in a few minutes is real. The interaction continues and even if you don’t have the same touch as everyone else, try it. It’s fun. lobster , Win the volley and protect yourself from the opposite attack.But the games are gone … At 0-5, our burst of pride allows us to win two games before we lose. set 2-6.

Despite my defeat, my discovery Padel It’s a real success. Discipline turned out to be both playful and rhythmic. Another good thing is that given the dimensions of the field (20 x 10 meters), you don’t waste time and energy fetching the ball. And in the end, I sweated a lot. The level difference didn’t seem to bother my friends. definitely, Padel It’s easier to learn than other more popular racket sports.


Schedule, price

Dijon Tennis Club Padel Park is open from 7:15 am to 11:15 pm. Off-peak hours (pitch from 7:15 am to 12:15 pm and 2:15 pm is 6 euros per hour). Peak hours (weekends and the rest of the week at 12: 15-2: 15 pm and 5: 15-11: 15 pm) are € 9. TCD licensees will benefit from permanent savings (5 and 8 €).

Equipment rental

An 11th game session will be provided to retain room users.In addition, “If there is no racket or ball Padel It can be rented on-site for € 3 per hour, “said TCD instructor Thomas Brissaud. Equipment stored in a secure locker.

Group to find players

Finally, he created a level group on WhatsApp and found one or more players in the game. You can ask to join the Padel Park social network (Padelpark21 on Instagram, Padelpark on Facebook).

Photo LBP / R.  D.

Photo LBP / R. D.

Attract new viewers other than tennis

Thomas Brissaud, TCD Instructor, Padel Player, Project Leader

“Paddel Park was created by the construction of SMC2. This is a project equivalent to an investment of 500,000 euros excluding VAT, 40% funded by the region, Dijon City and the French Tennis Federation (FFT). The rest is funded by the Dijon Tennis Club and I. The building was once built on a clay tennis court, so we had to pay everything, pour slabs and add a network … for the club * The interest is to attract and enable new spectators other than tennis. Participating in the financing of a single site project: The purpose is to cover our facility in Volterre today with an outdoor court here. That is »»

* The number of members is about 700.