In franceinfo, Yannick Jadot “sustains” and “accuses TotalEnergies of being an accomplice to war crimes.”

The stand-off continues. Yannick Jadot, a guest at franceinfo at 8:30 am on Thursday, March 24, 2022, was clear. “I confirm that TotalEnergies has been accused of being an accomplice to Ukrainian war crimes.”Guaranteeing environmental candidates for the presidential election, the group announced that it was hired “Defamation” I’m against him. “The Total Group is working with a Russian partner who is closely associated with Putin’s highest peak. Total is completely familiar with the war crimes committed in Ukraine. Total is its activity. Through it, I am completely familiar with contributing to the funding group. Because it is closely related to this war, it is called a war crime co-conspirator.“”

Yannick Jadot also blamed “Irony” Group CEO Patrick Pouyanne “I’m sobbing in his voice and telling us about his employees, but I’m angry with this war on behalf of his shareholders.” “I am angry on behalf of Ukrainian men and women who are victims of the atrocities of the war.”Continued to be an environmentalist presidential candidate. According to him, “The only way to help these Ukrainian fighters” When “Unity”It’s from “Embargo on Russian gas and oil” Who do you think he is “At the center of the oligarchy”. At a press conference on Wednesday, March 23, the president’s environmental candidate had already blamed the oil group. “Participating in the war in Ukraine and cooperating with Putin and companies close to the Russian oligarchs.”

The Total group announced on Tuesday that it would end oil activity in Russia by the end of 2022 at the latest, but never left the country to end gas activity, but Yannick Jadot said Total “The only band left”Here BP, Shell, ExxonMobil “I left Russia.” “Total now has to leave Russia, as other oil multinationals have done.”Insisted on Janic Jadot, demanding Emmanuel Macron “Imposed” This withdrawal. “I blame Macron for complacency and cynicism in this regard. It has been many years since President Macron was already a minister in favor of a total establishment and contract in Russia.”Launched a candidate.

“These lobbies that run the country, that’s enough!”Launched Janic Jadot, pointing his finger at Patrick Puyanne “Who intends to direct energy policy to France and who will comment on the presidential election?”.. On Wednesday morning, Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of the French group, said in the RTL: “When Mr. Jadot blamed a total of 100,000 employees [de crimes de guerre]It’s very serious, it’s an insult, (…) it’s unacceptable. ” He also pointed out That many Yannick Jadot “Speaking evil” More of his business “It lowers him in polls”Invite him “Take care of his campaign and stop insulting“total.

“Does Total want to silence me? Does Total want to silence me during the presidential election campaign?”Wondering the Greens candidate violently, “Threat from the lobby”. “I’ve been ecology for 30 years. I’ve been leading these battles for 30 years. We’ve always been threatened by lobbying.”He lamented. “I was spy on EDF and now under legal attack from Total. Environmentalists will not retreat.”, He warned. Therefore, Yannick Jadot promised that if he was elected president, he would: “Clearing the conflict of interests between the private sector and general interests” By passing a law that regulates the lobby.