In Kyiv, soldiers and residents waiting for Russian tanks

By Remy Ourdan

Posted today at 10:52 am and updated at 11:59 am.

Lines drawn five days after the war, Ukrainian fighters can accommodate two men and vulnerable combat positions facing rocket launchers, Russian tank trains, missile launchers, and artillery advancement to Kyiv. Dig a hole in. After the failure of the paratroopers and the invasion by special forces, the Ukrainian capital is now afraid of the wrath of Moscow troops.

At the north gate of Kyiv, we are preparing as much as we can. At the same time, the soldiers are unaware that Russia and Ukraine are negotiating on the border with Belarus without real hope for a political solution. “Oh … and what are they talking about? », Ironically, his eyes ask Volodymyr, the officer who directs the position.

Follow our live: A Russian convoy of about 60 kilometers is heading to Kyiv

Following the democratic revolution of Maidan in 2014, after eight years of war in the eastern part of the country, Volodimir is preparing for the battle of his life: the Battle of Kyiv, the result of which is the face, and even Determine existence tomorrow Ukraine. “Putin will attack. I don’t know when and how to do it, but he’s only thinking about power, not about the fate of the soldiers,” he said. Volodymyr is thinking. “Only power can stop him, and power is us …” He smoked and smiled to conclude without being fooled by the absolute imbalance between the two opposing troops.

Further holes were opened, and a soldier with a shovel finished digging his position. Passersby provide him with a pack of cigarettes. To avoid contact with the cold ground, he plans to put a box behind his back and sleep a little … in the next hole, the soldier puts seven rockets assigned to him right away. Carefully place it on the khaki tarpaulin at the back. When the threat arrives, he is ready to reload the rocket launcher quickly.

Residents who come to volunteer as part of the mobilization of citizens will receive some basic advice in Kyiv on February 28, 2022.
On February 28, 2022, Ukrainian soldiers dig a hole and prepare a rocket on the main road leading to downtown Kyiv.

Kyiv is a city that was not ready to withstand military assault. Besides, why did she prepare for it? No one expected that one day the Russian president would order his army to invade the country. The war seen from Kyiv had the image of a muddy trench in the distant eastern region.The war could not relate to the European capital of XXIWhen century.

Steel morale

If Vladimir Putin surprised the whole world, he also surprised Ukraine. At worst, everyone thought that the Russian president was trying to conquer some parts of the additional territory of the east without dramatic consequences. But this time the story is very different. After several days of air raids and missile launches associated with a deep ground invasion, the country’s second largest city, Kharkov, is attacked by cannons and grad missiles and sows in fear and indiscriminately. Targeting combatants and civilians, Kyiv hopes to suffer the same or even worse fate in the near future.

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