In Limoges, Francois Hollande steals the show from Anne Hidalgo

Limoges (Haute-Vienne)

He was appointed in Limoges. Despite the city’s defeat in 2014, a century-old former temple of socialism in the city, in the heart of Limousin, where the red and pink traditions are deeply rooted. Not far from the former president’s home, it was a great place to meet Anne. Hidalgo and Francois Holland. The two have already met since the start of the campaign. In Tulle, home of the former president, in the fall, easily. Since then world A few days ago, Francois Hollande revealed that he had tried to run for president between December and February, backed by rumors of Anne Hidalgo’s “break” by PS. It’s not happening.

Therefore, it was an important symbol that Francois Hollande and Anne Hidalgo saw on the same stage without waiting for the campaign to appreciate each other. In particular, he should have been able to show his support for his party’s candidates more conservatively since the last Socialist Party president so far. “I am here because I am loyal and loyal, especially in difficult times,” he launched the former president of the Republic … and he pledges: “What am I to the Socialist Party, the politics of my family?” I know I’m owed. (…) I’m going to reveal a secret to you: I still vote for socialists. »»

Light the merenchon

François Hollande is working at all costs in a lively speech that clearly clashes in this dire campaign. Nicolas Sarkozy first focused on his loyalty to his camp: “If I was silent or hiding myself, we would leave it to others.” This “politics of disintegration.” Emmanuel Macron, who is in charge of “life”. He did a lot to the rest of the left, especially Jean-Luc Melenchon, and defended the government’s left, as Anne Hidalgo has done since the campaign began.

“Today’s spell is tomorrow’s capitulation,” Holland says, without quoting the rebellious candidate “from a charity … a socialist.” Ukraine (“Non-Aligned Movement is a combination of isolation and omission”), Europe (“They want à la carte Europe. Desserts only, do not pay bills”), oil price blockage, and withdrawal of nuclear power, Elysee A former tenant of the palace curates his former party comrades.

Campaign for him

In her speech, Anne Hidalgo recalled, “I also want to keep prices down a bit,” at the expense of a little hurt for the night candidate. And she also wants to eventually get out of nuclear power. In fact, Francois Hollande primarily supports Francois Hollande. He promises that “the initiative must be taken to rebuild the left wing of responsibility,” the day after the presidential election, and even before the legislative election in June. He “takes all his role,” Corrézien asserts. Rumor has it that he is even a candidate for a legislative election in the previous constituency, and his aides, of course, see nothing in Limoges on Tuesday night. But the former president witnessed everyone in his speech. “I think he’s very angry with his last year’s PS, which has made his balance sheet worse,” he advances with the gift of a great elected socialist.

François Hollande is doing something that no one doubts, perhaps even in the conference room. The socialist campaign ends on the night of April 10. However, when the former First Secretary announced a left-wing refurbishment the day after the election, polls to date have shown that PS is far behind rebellious France, behind EELV, behind PCF, and barely. I almost forget what’s going on. NPA. And if there had to be major refurbishments, socialists would never have the upper hand. Perhaps, at least in part, because of the Dutch five-year memory … “Do you believe it at 2%? I can’t believe it,” says another elected official. .. In the case of Francois Hollande, socialists at least give themselves the right to dream.