In parliament, the war in Ukraine confused the end of the parliamentary session

Christoph Kastanel, President of the Group La Républiqueen Marche (LRM), on the podium of the Parliament on February 22, 2022.

Disagreements are impressive and involuntary. The agent was officially appointed at the end of the mission in a public session on Thursday, February 24th. On the agenda, under Article 50-1 of the Constitution, a two-month debate on health is planned without voting. Covid-19 How to end the two years of frequent heated debate between the majority and the opposition on the management of a pandemic. It was counting from Wednesday to Thursday night without Russia declaring war in Ukraine. It confused the scheduled session.

Latest live information: Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine, an explosion in Kiev and several major cities

Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin launched multiple attacks on Ukrainian soil following his announcement, embodying his expansionist ambitions since the approval of the separatist territory of Donbus on Monday. It became. In response, President Emmanuel Macron accused him in a solemn speech Thursday: “Warfare” Before Congress announces that it will receive a message from him, as permitted by Article 18 of the Constitution. It will be read simultaneously by Parliamentary Speaker Richard Ferrand and Senate Chair Gerard Larcher at 2:30 pm on Friday, February 25, in both Houses. Prime Minister Jean Castex stands on the bench in the Diet.

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For several days, several lawmakers called for all political sources to discuss the situation in a contextual manner. At 9 am Thursday, it is difficult for the MEP to be released from the seriousness of the incident, and therefore it may be noticed the limited relevance of the debate on managing the health crisis when the war broke out in European soil. you can not. “Everyone knew that the situation was a bit special.” In the preamble, session chair David Habib (Pyrénées Atlantics, PS) declared that he would approve 12 speeches on this subject. Health Minister Olivier Véran first spoke on the podium to condemn Russia’s attack and show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. “When you can hear and feel the images and sounds of missiles floating in the Ukrainian sky.”

Friday Liaison Committee

In a sparsely-ranked half-cycle, representatives of each group followed each other to express their support for the Ukrainians, condemning the Kremlin’s head-warming approach. “President Putin violates international human rights, and here it is important to be able to blame him in the strongest possible way, at the heart of parliamentary democracy.” Underlined Christoph Kastanel, president of the group La Républiqueen Marche (LRM). “Europe is at war” Repeated Deputy Channel Philip Gosselin (Republican, LR) before requesting it “France is at the forefront of mobilization.” “His speech [celui de Vladimir Poutine] It’s a culture war. Insisted on 7 MoDem deputiesWhen Frederick Petit, a French member living outside France.

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