In Saint-Taman-Montron, the Burleigh Pottery Voyage Offers Discovery Sailing Courses

“Aiming for the beach”. “Look back and don’t hit him!” “Think ahead!” »At ​​Burleigh Pottery’s voyage base in San Taman Montron, it’s time to learn.
And for good reason, the sailing discovery course began yesterday morning in the waters of the Natura 2000 site.

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Half-day course held from July 13th and August 1st to 5th. Didier Quiard, a regional educator in the sports department of the City Hall of San Taman Montron, explains:

“This kind of course has been offered on Virlay for years, but at that time they were organized at an old nautical base. If you don’t consider equipment rental, this is the first summer at the base. It’s an activity »»

An internship supported by an instructor at the Bourges Voyage Club. “Sure, there are no qualified instructors here to offer these courses,” continues Didier Quiard.

Two newborn or confirmed boats

These are provided by Clémentine Germond. “This is the first time I’ve come to Burleigh Pottery, I emphasize the instructor. The purpose is to introduce sailing so that young people can spend comfortably on the water. They know how to manage speed and balance. increase. “”

About Optimist or Topaz.

“Because it’s a boat on board that can’t be capsized, we’ll start with Optimist. Topaz needs more balance. Virlay-based conditions are quite variable. The wind is terrible. » »»

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And if most of the young people in attendance have discovered this sport, then 15-year-old Enzo is a regular. “This is the third time I’ve come to this camp,” he smiles. This is where I discovered this sport. And I want to be a firefighter, so I’ll help you later. »»

“Young people can browse the entire site,” adds Didier Couillard. The only constraint is fishermen, but they have enough area. »»
For educators, resuming an internship is synonymous with “returning to normal” after suffering from Covid-19 for the past two years. “Nevertheless, this site worked well in 2021. He recalls. The ideal is to repeat the same thing this summer. »»

New boat park

And for this new season, the nautical base has renewed its fleet. “Because the other boats are aging and new electric boats, we have two new two-seater pedal boats,” explains Didier Couillard. There are a total of five pedal boats, three of which are five-seat and two are five-seater electric boats. In addition to canoes and paddles. »»

training. There are three formulas in the discovery course program. AM: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm PM: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm or all day Price: € 12 in half a day. More information about

catering: During the summer vacation, and until September 30, the Saint-Amandois restaurant Oasis Kitchen by Cosy has taken over the former nautical base chalet. Open Wednesday to Sunday or above, we offer “light meals” service at our business in the guinguette-style rue Nationale, upon reservation. The menu includes ice cream, drinks and cooking-themed evenings. For booking details, please visit or the restaurant’s Facebook page “L’oasis by COZY”.