In search of a new, more adapted and safer skatepark

The manager of the Budskateshop store and the Board Family Carcassonne Association wants to abandon the skatepark on Warsaw Boulevard, which is in poor condition, poorly adapted and infrequently used. On the municipal side, make sure that Yazid Laredj takes into account current needs.

Florian Rivière and Thomas Delanne are in a hurry at the Budskate shop in rue de l’Aigle d’or. I can’t wait to leave the “old” skatepark and look for a new, more functional and safe skatepark.The second to run the first Carcassonne boutique Will meet with the city’s sports assistant, Yazid Laredj, next week to discuss a new skatepark project. Thomas Delanne, who teaches every Saturday as part of the Board Family Carcassonne Association, explains: “Current skateparks are outdated for sliding sports practice. Modules are deteriorating and the location is far from safe. There are some serious incidents such as robbery and puncture wounds. In this situation, of practice and organizational development events (Editor’s memo, such as “King of the Castle” three times, “Contest de Lempert” twice, etc.)difficult”


An increasingly impractical skatepark Tree roots pierce concrete, holes appear in modules, cracks in the ground, and skateparks on Warsaw Boulevard become increasingly impassable.“This skatepark, built in 2011, is very degraded and its composition is now totally unsuitable for modern skateboarding. ..In addition, there are a kindergarten, an elementary school, and two universities in the vicinity, which parents use as a playground. Thomas Delanne said. There is a convergence of issues and the site is badly selected. All of this hinders the practice and development of skateboarding, which is now an Olympic sport, and discourages young people.

Also, anxiety does not encourage parents to send their children there and teenagers to return. A petition to be signed in the store or online has been launched to make it heavier for elected officials who protect themselves from filling projects that started a few months ago with their right foot. Possible reception locations are behind the CAF or in the parking lot of Hallenikol Abar (where the old skatepark was). “Easy to access and infrequently used sites”, We suggest Florian Rivière to emphasize:

“A good skatepark can attract young people from the surrounding area, accompanied by people consuming on the spot. This is good for the economy of the dying city and, overall, nothing for young people. A Skatepark is a place of life and encounter, and every time it is well designed, it is as successful as Perpignan and Albi, who hosted the French Championship last weekend. “ A good skatepark costs between 250 and 500,000 euros,“But at the limit, we are given land, and then we now have very motivated young people, so we manage for construction.”

When there were 100 skateboarders in Carcassonne (1996), we conclude the slightly nostalgic Florian Rivière.

He runs stores in Rouen, Marseille, Khan, Montpellier, Barcelona, ​​and Carcassonne. “Because I’m from here. It’s a small contribution to the economy of my city.”“Already crafted skatepark project” Yazid LaredjThe deputy mayor of sports doesn’t want to make anyone think that a new and functional skatepark project is stagnant.“I was the one in Warsaw to create a skatepark in Warsaw that met the needs of the time after the skatepark on the banks of the Aether was destroyed. Lots of space. Since 2021, I’ve been working with the Board Family looking for a new, better-protected skatepark not far from the city center, three-thirds of the land belonging to the city and agro. 1 is Aude. Soil surveys have begun and land purchases need to be negotiated. We will ask the federation if co-financing can be achieved. Therefore, the project is well organized and approved by the board. I’m getting. Family. I was supposed to buy shares with President Pablo Krug and Vice President Charles Volkie at the Bad and Roll Contest on April 2. This was postponed to May 7, but needed. We know it’s sexual. We take that into account, but we’re also sporting goods with the 2024 Olympics in mind, and we can’t do it all at the same time. ” Charles Fallky

As part of that, I’m completely confident in the city, “This is completely late, except that the project doesn’t complete in a day and you have to patiently solve the problem.”