In some cities occupied by Russian troops, residents oppose soldiers

Demonstrations in front of the city hall and Russian soldiers, blocking military convoys and setting fire to enemy equipment … Russia launched wars in various parts of the country on Thursday, February 24 Faced with the army, some inhabitants are trying to resist. Therefore, in Kupyansk or Meritopoli, civilians challenged Moscow on a unique scale on Tuesday, March 1.

A video recently shared on social networks and validated by Les Révélateurs de France Télévisions has made it possible to record the resistance of certain inhabitants of Ukrainian cities conquered by Russian soldiers. However, images of protests that do not make it possible to predict the presence or absence of city-wide support for one camp or the other.

Demonstration in front of the city hall at Kupyansk

Although they are only 40 kilometers from Russia, the inhabitants of Kup’yansk have demonstrated to Russian soldiers who have entered the city with the Ukrainian flag in their hands. With some videos posted on Tuesday, March 1st Verification by Les Révélateurs de France Télévisions Located 100 km east of Kharkov, it has made it possible to track events that have excited the city with 30,000 inhabitants.

About 150 people gathered in front of the city hall. A local lawmaker was involved with Ukrainian Attorney General Iryna Venediktova, who recently accused him of providing physical assistance to Russian soldiers. In the image, you can first see a small group gathering around the musicians on the steps of the city hall. After that, several demonstrators chased a Russian military vehicle observing the scene from the other side of the square.

After that, the inhabitants walked along the street where the Russian convoy was stationed.As proven Another photo, Russian soldiers fired in the air and used tear gas to disperse the crowd. The outcome of this demonstration remains difficult to judge.

In Melitopoli, a convoy blocked by residents

Further south of the country, protests have been observed in Melitopoli. Located 100 km north of the Crimean Peninsula, the city with a population of about 160,000 was conquered by Russian troops on Saturday, February 26. The footage released on Tuesday showed the change between residents and Russian occupiers.

According to some videos, a few unarmed inhabitants were in the middle of Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Avenue. In the center of town.. It prevented the convoy of 12 military vehicles from advancing, swarming with the “Z” symbol, which is characteristic of the Russian army. Faced with the screams of the inhabitants, the soldiers fired in the air.

In Berdyans’k, Molotov cocktails against Russian tanks

Earlier this week, other protests were filmed in Berdyans’k, a port of 110,000 inhabitants on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. “Go home,” the inhabitants shouted to Russian soldiers stationed outside the city council.

In the same city, another video aired on Monday, March 28, showed residents Throw a Molotov cocktail into the tank, At the exit of Berdyans’k. It was marked with a “Z” and was towed by a tractor, so I didn’t know if it was occupied.