In the Diet, almost unanimously support the government

Respect for the Ukrainian Ambassador to France, Vadym Omelchenko, at the Parliament on March 1, 2022.

War in Ukraine occupied parliament on Tuesday 1ster In March, in a declaration by Jean Castex followed by a non-voting debate, the stand listened carefully from the stand by the Ukrainian ambassador Vadym Omelchenko, who was placed between the two flags of his country’s color. On this occasion, most, as well as the majority of the opposition, supported the government’s initiative to oppose Moscow head-on. Jean-Luc Melenchon builds a more dissonant position, and Republican leader Damien Abad attacks Elysee’s far-right candidate and La France’s disobedient French, as not always in the past. I blamed Vladimirputin.

Jean Castex begins the session with a speech and the Kremlin’s head “I lied” :

No genocide was carried out against the Russian-speaking population of Donbus, no, there are no nuclear weapons in Ukrainian soil, no, Mr. Zelensky [le président du pays] Not the head of the Nazi government.

According to him, Vladimir Putin “I chose to reverse the flow of history.”With “Cynical and planned aggression” than “France blames in the most absolute way” And the west must react “Unite and take time.” For him, the resolution on the war discussed at the UN Security Council on Friday was certainly not adopted because of the Kremlin’s veto, all the same. “Allowed to show Russia’s isolation.”

“When did our parliament decide that? »»

“We thought we had established peace between the nations of our continent.” Engaged with Olivier Becht, president of the Groupe Agir ensemble and a majority member, “President Emmanuel Macron’s Unparalleled Will”, At the same time, a package of economic sanctions against Moscow, support for Ukrainians by sending weapons and humanitarian aid, and dispatch of French soldiers to Estonia and Romania. Christoph Castanel, president of the La Republique en Marche group, said when Emmanuel Macron received Vladimir Putin in Versailles in May 2017. “He wanted to be very clear in order to remember French values ​​without compromise and without weaknesses.”..

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Jean-Luc Melenchon (France Insoumise), especially awaited for accusations of complacency against Vladimir Putin, further discussed the government’s decision under the boos of many lawmakers.

“I regret that the European Union has decided to” provide the weapons needed for the war. ” (…) This decision will make us a co-belliger. How legitimate does Gear engage? When did our parliament decide it? »»

Separated Russia from the Swift system, an international interbank trading system, “Isn’t this starting a global escalation by encouraging Russia and China to use their own circuits exclusively?” »»He also asked.

Elysee candidates suggest instead“Opening a special session of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe”And convene “European Border Conference”.. According to him, another way to deescalate is “Declaration of Neutrality in Ukraine” This was able to ease the anger of the Kremlin’s master, who was furious at Kyiv’s desire to participate in NATO. “President Zelensky said he was officially ready.” Mr. Melenchon said.

“Unhealthy charm”

Ongoing crisis “Questioning all the certainty and doctrine of the past”, He continued. In his eyes “Starting from Asia, Russia and China, the geopolitical order of another world has already taken root and new blocks have been created. Unfortunately, it was not possible to advertise Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. “

On behalf of the Republican deputy, the group’s president, Damian Abad, cruelly debates the presidential campaign by constantly attacking Jean-Luc Melenchon, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour head-on. I brought it to. Vladimir Putin fully criticized:

I blame Mr. Zemur.myself Le Pen and Melenchon have kept the unhealthy charm of Poutine’s model. I blamed them for taking vague actions on Russia’s power and blaming compromises that undermined irreversible credibility for their ability to lead the country. And I ask a simple question: what did they vote for on the Security Council? Did they abstain like China?

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All speakers of the day would, in any case, compete fiercely in their accusations of the brute force chosen by Russian leaders. “There is no limit to this dictator’s ambition to restore the empire.” UDI’s president and independent group Jean-Christophe Lagarde, even more generally to him, “The absence of democracy in Russia, whether Putin or not, will continue to be a permanent danger.” “Aggression, I can’t forgive it or make a foresight.” I also warned Jean-Luc Melenchon to insure him.

“The irresponsible Warmonger Vladimir Putin, who has distilled the poison of nationalism for years, said: (…) Only the devastation of the people, the collapse of the economy, and the disgrace of the government will be found in this war. ” For ridiculing Fabien Roussel, a candidate for the Communist Party of Elysee and a deputy member of the Democratic and Republican leftist groups. “Indescribable pain” From Ukraine. Ukraine, which Olivier Fall (socialist and relatives) wanted “Same number” In half a cycle, she “One day it will be our 28When Star “ Within the European Union.