In the poll bay, Zemur completes his alienation at the far right

Politics-“Beautiful bullshit”. This is the way of co-founder Eric Tegner. Black bookThe media determined that it was (very) close to candidate Eric Zemmour and decided to create the “Ministry of Immigration”, the final idea developed by the controversialists. The resumption of old attachments that had been upset until then, especially the circle of identity. Founder of Reconquête on M6 on Monday, March 21st! In this way, this structure with “means” such as “charters” capable of “group flight” promises to expel 100,000 “undesirable” foreigners annually.

A new breach that comes when the far-right candidate is struggling to get out of the negative spiral of polls. Controversy in a survey conducted by Opinion Way Dropped to 9%.. In this context, this latest outing sounds like the last attempt to restart the machine that propelled him in the fall among applicants for the second round. It also sounds like admitting failure to those who are being reduced to trying to maintain the far right interests due to the lack of unity of rights.

“Right of excess and fear”

A few days ago, the candidate was certain, as Guillaume Peltier (who had already passed the FN and then the MPF) and Eric Zemmour failed to attract heavy figures from the Republicans within three weeks of the first round. Formalized a rally of Senator LR Sebastian Moulin, but he said that it should not be stated that the elected officials, who are relatively notorious to the general public, have long been paying attention to other banks in Rubycon. He was in favor of the 2018 dialogue between the Republican Party and the National Rally. For Marion Maréchal’s rally, it did not produce the expected blast effect.

The tendency to be further deported to the far right, which should not be adjusted by the proposal formulated on Monday night. “France has two irreconcilable rights: it wants to have good control over immigrants, but it is an open, sibling, humanitarian right. And it wants a” remigration “ministry. You have the right to excess and fear, “he said on Twitter.

Because by adopting the term “remigration”, which means applying it to political projects, you become a candidate for reconquest! Befitting the identitarian illusion of forcing immigrants back to their country of origin, we have taken a new step towards radicalism. “A great alternative for them is observation, and remigration is a program that accompanies this observation,” researcher Marion Jake Vaillon explained in a documentary broadcast on LCP at 9 pm on April 4. increase. HuffPost I was able to see it. Political scientists recall that a few years ago, the term was limited to the secret conference of the Identity Block, which Damian Ryu specifically attended, as shown in the poster below. Former RN and co-founder of Génération identitaire, he now holds a strategic position within the controversial campaign team.


Therefore, it is not surprising to see that the measures proposed by Eric Zemmour are applauded today by the former leader of the Generation Identitarian, an organization that was disbanded by the Ministry of the Interior in 2021. To spread the term, and even blamed our own camp. Today, the presidential candidate has the courage to make it one of his flagship measures. What a historic political breakthrough, “on his telegram channel, welcomes Thaïs d’Escufon, a former spokesman for the far-right group.

However, it should be noted that former RN Senator Stephane Ravier (now with Eric Zemmour) is in front of the presidential candidate. Appealed Within the Repenist Party for the creation of the “High Commissioner for Relocation”. On the RN side, to be precise, we observe with a certain desire that this “provocation” signed Eric Zemmour. Ironically, “there is something called the Ministry of Interior when it comes to the issue of expulsion of illegal immigrants.” HuffPost Jean-Philippe Tanguy, Deputy Campaign Director for Marine Le Pen. “Remigration consists of leaving a legally settled population (permit, naturalization, etc.) and sending it back to change the country’s demographic structure, as theorized by its designers. It’s really extreme. So it has nothing to do with the provocation they announce and what’s behind it. It’s smoke, “he continues.

But beyond the term, which is just an extreme variant of the promise to expel more immigrants, it is all the term used by Eric Zemmour to challenge the far-right observer. “He used a term with many meanings for someone like him who read about the history of the 20th century:’undesirable’. However, the legal basis for French concentration camps is the decree of November 12, 1938, which allows “undesirable aliens” to be placed there. Obviously, from our territory we should not be able to integrate into the French community. ” HuffPost Far-right historian Nicholas Lebeau states that it is on this legal basis that the Spanish refugee camp was organized in the Pyrenees Oriental in 1939. A century later.

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