In women’s football, ‘mentality is ready to invest’

This is the total match record for the Euros, men and women combined. 87,192 spectators attended the ‘Lioness’-winning final between England and Germany at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 31 July. On television, he earned a 24.1% rating with TF1 broadcasting the match.

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This isn’t the first time women’s sport has (finally) caught fire thanks to the promotion. Burg (5-1) was made. ‘L’Obs’ examines the situation of women’s football in France with her Béatrice Barbusse, sociologist of sport and author of ‘Du sexisme dans le sport’.

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Wembley Stadium was full on Sunday night. Last May, the Parc des Princes was packed with over 43,000 people…Will he finally witness the coronation of women’s football?

It depends on what you mean by sacred. What is certain is that this validates the positive dynamics that began years ago with records like not only at Wembley, but in France and around the world. When you see it, it attracts you.

Now, is this the coronation ceremony for women’s soccer? It looks a little too strong. It is certain that it can be enjoyed just as much as men’s soccer. And more generally, that there is a place for high-level women’s sport.

Will this change be endorsed by public authorities?

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The only recourse for public authorities is to force the French Football Federation (FFF) to invest more through an agreement under negotiation with the Ministry of Sports. However, public subsidies are less than his 5% of the FFF’s budget. Clubs and federations are private entities and have minimal room for manipulation today, including regulation and legislation.

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It is the responsibility of the FFF and clubs to invest in women’s football. And it would require a very large investment, as might have been done in England. [en mars 2017, un vaste de plan d’investissement a été initié en Angleterre par les clubs, la fédération et les autorités, ndlr]They laid the means, the club laid the means: it allowed them, the women’s club, to build themselves, to have the British Championship at their height and to prepare the girls well. In the French championship, most teams use public subsidies and partners to manage and tinker as much as they can. Specifically, if a boy puts in 100 euros, a girl needs to put in 200 or 300 euros.

Today, the mentality of French society is well prepared to invest. Journalists, businesses and sports leaders must do their part. It has started and cannot be stopped. You have to hit the pavement every day.

Are we lagging behind in this matter in France?

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Football originated in England. So we have an investment culture like the US, where entrepreneurs don’t hesitate to invest millions and even billions of dollars. France is not a sports powerhouse! The team is having trouble finding his private partner. With a few exceptions such as Jean-Michel Auras of Olympique Lyonnais and Louis Nicolin of Montpellier. They all talk about CSR and say they are responsible… Now we have to prove it and stop his 100 years of investment in the same place.

“I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, but football saved me.”

In fact, clubs have dressing rooms for girls, time slots for playing football… Lack of sports equipment, changing rooms for girls, trainers… Bonus The amount of labor and wages also differ significantly between women and men. “Pay less”In football, questions of morality, justice and fairness are irrelevant because it is the economy that makes the choices. And the economy, especially capitalism, is absolutely not moral. Money goes where it counts, from points to lines.

French footballers also need to speak up. In the United States, wages are now equal between women and men. But because they fought!they said “Let’s go”, we get up and go!In France they say ” thank you very much “. I’m not saying stop talking ” thank you very much “, But we have to stop giving. Yes, increasing investment in girls will reduce boys’ wages. But they got a lot in 100 years…

Is it harder for women to find their place in soccer than in any other sport?

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yes. It relates to the place football occupies within the sports ecosystem. And even in the world at large, FIFA has more members than the United Nations! Football institutions are run by men who make very cowardly decisions regarding the development of women’s football. prize. With a budget of over 260 million, how much are you spending on girls and how much are you spending on boys? Amateur to top.

Of course little girls have to play soccer too. We currently have nearly 200,000 licensees who need to be trained by qualified personnel. But very often, the more diplomas you have, the more qualified you are, and the more likely you are to want to train boys instead of girls. That’s all you need to change.

How to respond to sexist remarks about questions like physics, levels? Sometimes it’s so integrated that even female fans prefer to watch men’s football.

“bad sight” (From a male perspective, editorial note) imposed on us. Even those of us who are women’s soccer fans have internalized it. Watching women’s football has to be deconstructed and comparisons can no longer be made. Either way, you’re just watching a beautiful sporting spectacle.

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All go through their children’s education as well. 3 weeks ago I tried to get her 7 year old to her 9 year old boys and girls to play soccer together. And the boys were already refusing to play with girls…

There are no rules for dealing with sexist remarks. Sometimes I do pedagogy, sometimes I have no energy. Statements of this kind have been made for centuries. That is why we are placed in an inferior position, perhaps because of our physical vulnerabilities, our biological inferiority… Many studies and investigations have shown that our vulnerabilities are Women win the ultra-trail before men, sometimes endure more and suffer during childbirth, but for some women, I We always remain small and vulnerable beings. It suits them well and gives them a protective role. Unless we can completely dismantle these 20th-century gender stereotypes, we will always have these opinions. The bottom line is that these sexists are in the minority.

Interview by Manon Bernard