Indoor climbing, climbing sports

April 29, 2022 4:35 pm

“Climbing is about playing sports in a bistro, much like an Irish pub.”Says Pascal Blaugy, director of the ClimbUp climbing room in Porte d’Italie (13th arrondissement of Paris). Bamboo suspension, light wooden seats: Irish pub, this space is more atmospheric than color.Sit on a high wall and the regulars launch ” please ! “” When ” You look amazing ! “” Before meeting in the bar area with a beer. Here, unlike the fitness room, there are no multivitamin drinks, detox juices or earphones in the practitioner’s ears.

The same atmosphere in the Roc En Stock room in Ghislain Brillet, chairman of the Climbing Room Union (UDSE) in Strasbourg (Baran). Twenty-five years ago, the expert opened one of the first bouldering rooms in France. This training was done on a 4.50 meter high wall without ropes or harnesses. “Everyone was looking at my question at the time. The mountaineering guide thought you couldn’t climb indoors. Others said mountaineering wasn’t really a sport.”He recalls.

3 million practitioners in France

Time proved he was right. Since being integrated into the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the field has been more popular than ever, with 3 million people attending the hall. With over 200 in France, UDSE plans to open another 20 this year. This spring, Europe’s largest building will be launched in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) and in Troyes (Orb) at the former Pond complex.


It is cardboard because it is easy to access.No need to accompany or take lessons


“The block is a hit because it’s easy to access. Pascal Blaugy explains. No need to accompany or take lessons. »» All you have to do to tackle the first catch is to rent shoes with soft soles and pay around € 15 to get in. On Thursday night, a holiday in February, a room in Paris will be attacked from 6 pm. The children’s procession parades a space accessible to children from the age of three. “Junior courses are sold out all over France because parents understand that climbing is as natural as walking. Ghislain Brillet says. They say they will climb everywhere and bring their kids! »»

Adults, on the other hand, embark on a more difficult course in a maze-like room with walls littered with colorful boathouses. They are between the ages of 18 and 35 and have as many women as men, and these artificial walls are often carved with athletic physique. Their passion is also one of the most complete sports that exist, promoting concentration, flexibility, coordination and muscle building. “From finger to toe”.

“Spider-Man” in search of socialization

Carving steel muscles is not the only motivation for these new generations of “Spider-Man.” “I especially love the friendly and slightly hip spirit. Tony makes 36 enthusiastic. Everyone talks and encourages each other. »» Entrepreneurs started climbing a few months ago after practicing triathlon for several years. He is now climbing three times a week.


There is no pressure or competition, we all push each other up


A physiotherapy student, Melissa, 24, was introduced to the block of her home in Marseille, Calanque, at the end of her first imprisonment, and was enrolled in the room nine months ago. “This sport allows us to overcome anxiety. She guarantees. There is no pressure or competition. We all push each other up. »» Nayanne, 27, a three-year practitioner, appreciates the combination of locations. “In fitness, women in the thigh-gluteal class and men in bodybuilding are common. When climbing, men and women make the same gestures and move the same muscles.” She rejoices.

At Climb Up porte d’Italie, while a young woman is progressing from a yellow grip to a yellow grip, one of her companions advises her: “Right foot first”.. In every corner of this high-ceilinged space, groups of climbers are formed, giving advice and forming friendships. “You can come alone and you will inevitably meet people.”, Nayanne to summarize. This digital marketing employee found a soulmate during a rock climbing internship. Therefore, a room that is better than a dating application promotes the formation of a couple. “At least here you don’t have to ask what others like in life.”Ironically, Pascal Blousy.

The brand understands this well. More than sports, climbing is becoming a way of life. The hall is a popular social gathering place in the post-pandemic world. Thus, one of the leaders in this field, Arkose offers not only rooms, but also climbing lofts and climbing lofts. In Strathbourg, Ghislain Brillet installed a sofa, library, pool table and board games. “And the bar sells one hectolitre of beer a year.”, He says. Then like an Irish pub.